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101 "Dorothy, jr., and Samuel Wots of Haverhill, int. Nov. 5, 1727" Family F3179
102 "drowned in the snow" WING, Ephraim (I103396)
103 "Ebenezer, 2d m., and Hannah Smith [June 24, 1766]" Family F12494
104 "Ebenezer, and Abigail Sallis of Beverly [July 6, 1747. Beverly Rds.]" Family F12493
105 "Ebenezer, h. Hannah (Smith) [swelling in head], Aug 4, 1795 [a. 66 y.]" RUNNELS, Ebenezer (I38163)
106 "eighth day of the tenth month (called October)" 1782, Last Will of John Hanson of Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire, husbandman:

- pay all debts and funeral charges;

- to my son John Hanson... the whole of my real estate... all my farming utensils and my watch and my desk and my case with the bottles;

- to my son James Hanson one Spanish mill'd dollar... which sum together with what I have before given him is his full share of my estate;

- to my son Samuel Hanson one yoke of steer calves known by the name of Samuel Calves to be kept on the farm for him till he arrives to the age of 21, also 400 Spanish mill'd dollars at age 21...;

- to my son Isaac Hanson one yoke of oxen to be delivered to him... when he shall arrive at age 21 & also 400 Spanish mill'd dollars at age 21;

- to my beloved wife Sarah Hanson my south west lower room and the chamber over it and the west half of my garret and sufficiency of room in the cellar and barn to store her boots and hay during the term of her natural life, and also the one half of my household furniture of every kind during the term aforesaid, I also give my said wife the one quarter part of the produce of my farm of every kind to be managed brought in & housed for her in their proper places and seasons by my executor, and also firewood sufficient for one fire ready cut up on the door to be procured and done for her by my said executor;

- to my three daughters unmarried viz. Mary, Hannah, and Anna one bed each with suitable furniture and also the use and improvement of the roome given to my wife (after her decease) for such term as they shall respectively remain unmarried. I also give to all my daughters the remainder of one half of my household furniture to be equally divided between them and also the remainder of that half given to my said wife which she shall leave at her decease to be alike equally divided between them. I give to all my said daughters the whole of my stock of creatures of every kind to be in like manner divided equally between them... also to my said daughters 10 Spanish mill'd dollars each to be paid by my executor within three years after my decease;

- appoint my son John Hanson sole executor.

Proved 11 Feb 1784.

HANSON, John Jr. (I127195)
107 "Elizabeth Ballard, a maid servant, she came in the year 1633 & was soon after her coming joined to the [Roxbury] church; she was afterwards married to Robert Sever of this church, where she had a godly conversation' [RChR p. 78]." BALLARD, Elizabeth (I25147)
108 "Elizabeth Carr daughter to our Sister Carr of the Church of Salisbury being about six years old" [BChR 318] CARR, Elizabeth (I8083)
109 "Elizabeth Drake, widow and relict of Richard Drake late of Boston..., carter, heretofore the relict widow of Samuel Judkin late of Boston aforesaid, sawyer, also deceased, and Hannah Judkin of Boston aforesaid, spinster, the only surviving daughter of the said Samuel Judkin deceased by the said Elizabeth," sold land in Boston to "Richard Sherren of Boston aforesaid, victualler" [SLR 14:328-31; Kempton Anc 1:361]. Family F13268
110 "Elizabeth, d. John and Elizabeth (Duston), Aug. 14, 1664" KINGSBURY, Elizabeth (I39473)
111 "Elmer" Josephson signed a World War I draft registration card, registration #130, age 21, home address Suncook, New Hampshire, born 29 September 1896 in Lanesville, Massachusetts (a neighborhood of Gloucester), father's birthplace is Finland, employer is Harry Bailey in Allenstown, New Hampshire, nearest relative is "Mary Josephson (mother)" in Suncook.

KETOLA JOSEPHSON, Hjalmer (I34364)
112 "Francis, second, s. Francis and Mehetabel, May 24, 1774, a. 19 y. 9 m. 11 d." FELTON, Francis (I22260)
113 "From the above records it will be seen that he left Hampton about September 1, 1654. Tradition says he returned to England with his grandfather Bachiler; perhaps some record can be found him him there." SANBORN, Stephen (I4864)
114 "Garret Nenabor" appears in the 1850 census of Ray, Franklin County, Indiana, enumerated 6 December 1850:

- Garret Nenabor, age 54, occupation farmer, born Germany.
- Elizabeth J. Nenabor, age 39, born Maryland.
- Mary Nenabor, age 11, born Indiana.
- Elizabeth Nenabor, age 10, born Indiana.
- Susanna Nenab or, age 5, born Indiana.
- Cena Nenabor, age 3, born Indiana.
- John Nenabor, age 1/12, born Indiana.

NIENABER, Gerhart Heinrich (I31197)
115 "Genealogical Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery": Henry Bodwell was pressed from Newbury August 1676 to go against the Indian enemy. He was one of the survivors of the battle of Bloody Brook; had his left arm broken by a musket ball; being a man of great strength and courage, he seized his gun in his right hand and, swinging it around his head, forced his way through the Indians by whom he was surrounded. He was a renowned hunter and marksman and a terror to the hostile Indians. He is said on one occasion to have shot an Indian on the opposite side of the Merrimack, who, thinking himself at a safe distance, was making insulting gestures. BODWELL, Henry (I10427)
116 "Genealogical Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery": John Hoag was born in England or Wales in 1643, and came to America with his father's family when about seven years old. The rest of the family returned, but John, being bound out as an apprentice, was obliged to remain. He was opposed to the Salem witchcraft. After the children were grown up, all the family became Quakers. John Hoag died in 1728, aged 85.

There are at least three stories going around about the origin of John Hoag, born about 1643.

The first has John born in Wales, came to this country (Boston) about 1650, and then his parents and family returned to the UK leaving John behind. The original source for this story, as far as I can tell, was in "The Journal of Joseph Hoag". Joseph was called "The Quaker Prophet" and was a descendant of John's. This journal, published about 1860 - about 200 years after the fact, appears flawed in many ways and my research shows almost no Welch emmigration to New England prior to the 1670s. The journal does not give names for the parents.

A second story has John being the son of one John Hoag who appears to have been the town drunk of Boston. One version of this story has this John, Sr. returning to the UK, having our John in Wales, and then returning with him to Boston, only to return to the UK again where he was killed on orders of the King in 1650. (Note - There was no king of England or Scotland in 1650 - he, Charles II being in exile in France.) A sub version of this story has John, Sr. as the son of Richard and Joan Hogg.

The third story is based on the Vital Records of Boston which show a son John born to Richard and Joan Hogg who were members of the First Church of Boston. The actual records as they relate to the Hoags are as follows:

Page 4, 1636 Town
Joseph of Richard & Joan Hogge born 10th month.

Page 8, 1639 First Church
Joseph of Richard Hogge, aged about 1 yr, 8 mos. 25 day 6 mo.

Page 11. 1641 Town
Mary of Richard Hogge born _____

Page 12, 1641 First Church
Mary of Richard Hogge aged about 6 days 22 day 5 mo.

Page 15, 1643 Town
John of Richard & Joan Hogg born 4th - 1st month.

Page 18, 1644 First Church
John of Richard Hogge, aged about 7 days 10 day 1 mo.

Page 24, 1646 Town
Mary of Richard & Joan Hogg born 3rd - 11th month.

Page 25, 1646 First Church
Mary of Richard Hogg aged about 5 day 7 day 12 mo.

It is interesting to note that the dates given for John in the Vital Records are the same as those in Torrey's "New England Marriages" where he lists the marriage of John Hogg and Ebenezer Emery.

Family Forest World Edition says John Hoag was a judge at the Salem witchcraft trials; he dissented from the other judges by opposing the persecution. 
HOAG, John (I10375)
117 "George L.H. Fuller Son of Luther & Harriete Fuller born at Fitchburg November 24, 1838." FULLER, George Luther H. (I63702)
118 "George W. Crown of Lowell married Venorma C. Austin of Lowell Sept. 3, 1838..." Family F13168
119 "Grandma Ordway-Kennedy" lists Rufus's parents as both Joseph and Abigail (Chaney) Bailey Ordway AND Joseph Hills and Abigail (Parker) Ordway. Need to find out which one is correct. ORDWAY, Rufus (I2456)
120 "Hana Bradstreet was granted administration upon the estate of her husband, John Bradstreet, deceased" [EQC 2:215]. BRADSTREET, John (I45957)
121 "Hannah (Smith), w. Ebenezer [malignant fever], Mar. 29, 1814 [a. 72 y.]" SMITH, Hannah (I38165)
122 "Hannah [Colby], of Amesbury, and Isaac Colby, 2d m., Apr. --, 1757." Family F3613
123 "Hannah, and Benjamin Abbott [of Rumford. int.], June 23, 1742" Family F3712
124 "Hannah, d. Thomas and Hannah, at Rumford, July 22, 1746, a. 45 y. 10 m. 12 d." ABBOTT, Hannah (I11717)
125 "Hannah, wid. Thomas, Jan. 25, 1763, a. 89 y." GREY, Hannah (I11715)
126 "Henry, bur. Feb 2, 1776, a. 92 y. 2 m." LOVEJOY, Henry (I4867)
127 "Here Lies Buried / Samuel Adams / Signer of the Declaration of Independence / Governor of this Commonwealth / A Leader of Men And An Ardent Patriot / Born 1722 Died 1803 / Massachusetts Society, Sons of the Revolution. 1898" ADAMS, Governor Samuel Jr. (I37186)
128 "Here lies the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Munroo wife to Mr. William Munroo & formerly wife to Mr. Edward Wyer of Charlestowne aged 79 years. Died December the 14th 1715" [NEHGR 33:357, citing Lexington cemetery inscription. JOHNSON, Elizabeth (I37368)
129 "His wife died in Himgham, early in the month of December, 1645, --though neither the church or town Records contain any notice of her death." IBROOK, Elizabeth (I99132)
130 "In 1662 John Hull wrote in his diary that '[b]eing in England, I went to the town where my wife Judith was born, and took her age out of the register: born Sep. 3, 1626'. One wonders what Hull was reading, as the register should have given only the date of baptism."  QUINCY, Judith (I37127)
131 "in her 41st y." HUTCHINSON, Hannah (I5049)
132 "in her 51st y." POOR, Hannah (I6716)
133 "in her 53d. y." PEASLEY, Lydia (I9045)
134 "in his 67th y." JOHNSON, John Jr. (I5636)
135 "In his will of 20 August 1658 William Paddy of Boston bequeathed 50s. to 'my sister Margaret Baxter' [NEHGR 8:355], and Savage says that this was the wife of Gregory Baxter. But Nicholas Baxter of Boston, mariner, also had a wife Margaret, as may be seen from deeds of 25 December 1661 and 12 December 1668 [SLR 7:26, 8:66]. In the latter deed we learn that she had had an earlier husband, with whom she had a daughter Mary who married John Bull. Since William Paddy and Nicholas Baxter were both mariners, and were in these years both of Boston, it seems more likely that William's sister or sister-in-law was the wife of Nicholas and not Gregory."  Margaret (I37199)
136 "In the 1623 Plymouth land division "Marie Chilton" received an unknown number of acres as a passenger on the Mayflower [PCR 12:4]. In the 1627 Plymouth cattle division Mary, now the wife of John Winslow, is listed as the sixth person in the sixth company [PCR 12:11]."  CHILTON, Mary (I29433)
137 "in the 62th year of his age" JOHNSON, Isaac (I37362)
138 "In the fall of 1620, the Mayflower's ability to steady herself in a gale produced a most deceptive tranquility for a young indentured servant named John Howland. As the Mayflower lay ahull, Howland apparently grew restless down below. He saw no reason why he could not venture out of the fetid depths of the 'tween decks for just a moment. After more than a month as a passenger ship, the Mayflower was no longer a sweet ship, and Howland wanted some air. So he climbed a ladder to one of the hatches and stepped onto the deck.

"Howland was from the inland town of Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, and he quickly discovered that the deck of a tempest-tossed ship was no place for a landsman. Even if the ship had found her own still point, the gale continued to rage with astonishing violence around her. The shriek of the wind through the rope rigging was terrifying, as was the sight of all those towering, spume-flecked waves. The Mayflower lurched suddenly to leeward. Howland stagged to the ship's rail and tumbled into the sea.

"That should have been the end of him. But dangling over the side and trailing behind the ship was the topsail halyard, the rope used to raise and lower the upper sail. Howland was in his midtwenties and strong, and when his hand found the halyard, he gripped the rope with such feral desperation that even though he was pulled down more than ten feet below the ocean's surface, he never let go. Several sailors took up the halyard and hauled Howland back in, finally snagging him with a boat hook and dragging him up onto the deck.

"When Bradford wrote about this incident more than a decade later, John Howland was not only alive and well, but he and his wife, Elizabeth, were on their way to raising ten children, who would, in turn, produce an astounding eighty-eight grandchildren." 
HOWLAND, John (I29207)
139 "In the Probate Court of Warren County, Ohio, now comes Arthur D. Eldridge who says he is the father of one Lillian Tapscot Eldridge and that the record of her birth has not been made in the record of births of this county and therefore submits for record the birth of Lillian Tapscot Eldridge..." born Franklin, Warren County, Ohio 30 August 1897, daughter of Arthur Dubois Eldridge and Anna May Byers.  ELDRIDGE, Lillian Tapscott (I71074)
140 "Intentions of Marriage, City of Springfield, Jan. 12, 1887, between William F. Hopkins of Springfield, aged 41 years, by occupation a car builder, he was born in Montgomery, VT, and was the son of Herman & Mariam. This will be his second marriage. And Elthea E. Campbell of Agawam, aged 28 years. She was born in Agawam and was the daughter of ______. This will be her first marriage." Family F11049
141 "Isaac, s. Thomas and Hannah, 'sickness in ye Kings Service at Lewisburg,' Nov. 3, 1745, a. 28 y. 8 m. 21 d." ABBOTT, Isaac (I11725)
142 "Jackie" was the daughter of John and Matie Murphy. She was preceded in death by a sister Margaret Mecaskey, a sister Mildred Gilmore and a brother Raymond Murphy. She is survived by stepdaughter, Sharon Smith (Gene); 4 step-grandchildren; nieces, Jeanne Sabatka and Peggy Gilmore; nephew, Ray Banze, and many other nieces, nephews and friends.

MURPHY, Mary Jacqueline 'Jackie' (I93310)
143 "Jan 25th, Hannah Daug'r of Samuel & Elizabeth Adams" ADAMS, Hannah (I37193)
144 "January 29, 1620/1. Dies Rose, the wife of Captain Standish" [Prince 184].  Rose (I29240)
145 "John Adams the son of Joseph Adams and Hannah his wife was born the 8th. of February 1691/90" ADAMS, Deacon John (I37052)
146 "John Cheny" joined Roxbury Church as member #138: "John Cheney he came into the Land in the year 1635. He brought 4 children, Mary, Martha, John, Daniel. Sarah his 5th child was born in the last month of the same year 1635, called February. He removed from our church to Newbury the end of the next year 1636" [RChR 81]. "Martha Cheny the wife of John Cheny" was member #139 [RChR 81]. CHENEY, John (I41029)
147 "John Cole son of Isaac Cole was married to Susanna Hutchinson daughter of the late William Hutchinson of Road Island" [BVR 34], son of Samuel Cole {1630, Boston} {GMB 1:433-34] (despite what the Boston vital record states)." Family F11492
148 "John Gorome and Desire Howland married [1644]" Family F12769
149 "John Symmons of Kittery" deeded land and a dwelling house to "my son-in-law William Hilton... as a dowry with my daughter Rebeckah now wife unto the said William" [YLR 2:33]. Family F14444
150 "John Willard, one of those executed for witchcraft at Salem in 1692, was called a grandson of Bray Wilkins; in1984 David L. Greene demonstrated that Willard had married Margaret Wilkins, daughter of Thomas Wilkins, who was one of the sons of Bray Wilkins [TAG 60:16-17, 111-13]. Greene also discusses at length the possible connections between Bray Wilkins and John Gingell/Gingeon [TAG 60:3-9]."

WILKINS, Margaret (I36652)
151 "John, 2d m., and, wid. Sarah Bradley, June 11, 1751" Family F13000
152 "John, 5th, and 'Ms.' Deliverance Dodge, int. May 28, 1768" Family F12873
153 "John, and Sarah Foot of Salem, at Salem, Nov. 24, 1719" Family F7179
154 "John, b. say 1637; m. Easttown, New York, 1 September 1657 Abigail Smith. [Homer Worthington Brainard et a., The Gilbert Family... (New Haven 1953), p. 65, give this date, but do not give the location of the record they are quoting; TAG 25:126 gives the same date; Adams Gen[ealogy] says the marriage took place on 24 August 1657, and that both parties were under age, but again does not give the location of the document relied upon. See also NEHGR 67:89 and NYGBR 66:208-09.]" ADAMS, John (I36956)
155 "John, h. Elizabeth, Jan 23, 1670" KINGSBURY, John (I39472)
156 "John, s. John and Mary, Jan 20, 1733-4, a 39 y. 5 m. 20 d." STICKNEY, John Jr. (I10369)
157 "John, s. John, deceased, and Mary (Johnson), May 28, 1746" AYER, John (I9921)
158 "John, son of William Dody" [Salem church records] DODGE, John (I35254)
159 "Jonathan [John. int.], and Sarah Heath, Nov. 4, 1807" Family F2057
160 "Jonathan [Lt.], Nov. 11 1785 [Oct 10, a 41 y.]" EMERSON, Lt. Jonathan (I6913)
161 "Jonathan's name appears on the return of Capt. Samuel Patch's Co. in Col. William Prescott's regiment of foot, dated 7 October 1775. This document lists two men who died, one being 'Jonathan Bate, Winchendon, Killed in Battle, June 17th.' Another document reads: 'Winchendon, Jan'y 25th 1776, To Maj'r Fuller, Sir Please to pay the Verer the money due for the Coats promised by the Provincial Congress, to the estate of Jon'n Bates deceased who was a Soldier in Cap'n Patches Com'y in Col'n Prescott Regt. the last Campaign. [signed] Lusy Bates.' This document was endorsed on the verso as 'Sewels Point, march ye 26 1776. This may certify that the within named Jonathan Bates was In my Company the Last year In Col'l Prescotts Regt. [signed] Sam'l Patch, Cap't.'

"Jonathan's widow, Lucy Bates, likely followed or accompanied her oldest son, Roger, from Winchendon, Massachusetts to Springfield, Vermont between 17 April 1777 when Roger was last mentioned as of Winchendon, and 9 April 1778 when he was first recorded at Springfield. Lucy died 13 February 1787, probably at Springfield, where her estate was administered listing all of her children."

BATES, Jonathan (I36906)
162 "Joseph, s. Nehemiah and Abigaiel, Nov. 1, 1726" ABBOTT, Joseph (I39742)
163 "Joshua, h. Hannah (Duston), Oct. 24, 1756" PAGE, Joshua (I25812)
164 "July 20th, Samuel, son of Samuel & ___ Adams, in Cov't at Mr. Byles's" ADAMS, Samuel (I37195)
165 "Little Compton" SOUTHWORTH, Capt. William (I29149)
166 "Lorrie" passed away at Hospice House of St. Mary?s in Callaway, Maryland, surrounded by her loving family. She was born March 1, 1936 in Deadwood, South Dakota, to the late Harry Howard Bliss and Sadie Hester Calhoun.

Lorrie was a graduate of Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. She married Fred Wallace on June 20, 1964 in Miamisburg, Ohio. Together they celebrated over 51 wonderful years. Lorrie was an excellent cook and she and her husband loved to entertain friends. She was a beautiful seamstress and taught the Bishop Method of sewing. She made many patterns for women?s clothing.

She loved to travel with her husband Fred, and had taken many worldly expeditions. She thoroughly enjoyed touring Turkey and Egypt, especially travelling the Nile River. Other destinations included Gaza, Peru (in which they camped), France, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand, and many other beautiful countries. During their trip to Switzerland, they became life-long friends with another couple. They were in Austria when 911 devastated the United States. She enjoyed cruising to Alaska, but particularly enjoyed river boat cruises, enjoying 27 cruises. Her last trip was during Christmas in which she and Fred traveled to Morocco, and witnessed snow in the Sierra Dessert.

Lorrie was the past regent and long-time member of the Daughters of the America Revolution and past president of the Saint Mary's County Genealogical Society. She was also a member of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812, The Society of Mayflower Descendants in Maryland, and First Saints Community Church, Leonardtown Campus.

A Funeral Service celebrated by Reverend Ruth Dixon and Reverend John Wunderlich was conducted at Brinsfield Funeral Home, Leonardtown, Maryland. Interment followed at Charles Memorial Gardens in Leonardtown.

BLISS, Hester Lorraine 'Lorrie' (I124480)
167 "Ludlow: Eleazer Alonzo Hall, 95, the last surviving Civil War Veteran and member of O. O. Howard Post G. A. R. in Ludlow and vicinity, died Saturday afternoon after a two weeks' illness at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Bert Balch on Pond street. Mr. Hall would have celebrated his 96th birthday had he lived until Sunday, Feb. 3.

Mr. Hall was born in Plymouth, Feb 3, 1839, son of Nathan and Prudence Hubbard Hall, being one of four boys, Christopher, William, Stillman, and Eleazer. His two younger brothers died several years ago. Christopher died in 1929. Mr. Hall married Myranda Sanderson, Nov. 17, 1869. Nine children were born to them, one died in infancy and another when very young. The oldest son, Eugene, died a year ago.

In the early years of his life Mr. Hall owned and operated the Plymouth Lime Works and also operated a lumber business. When the Civil War broke out he was one of the first young men in Plymouth to enlist, which was in 1861. He enlisted in Co. I, 2nd Vermont Volunteers and was in every important engagement, for two years. He fought in the first and second Battles of Bull Run. On May 3, 1863, at the Battle of Chancellorsville he was shot through the head in such a manner that the bullet came out the corner of his mouth taking out 11 teeth and nearly severing his tongue. It was two days before he received medical attention and during that time had nothing to eat and it was thought he could not recover. A strong constitution proved to be in his favor.

He refused to take ether during medical treatment due to the bullet wounds. When he was discharged from the hospital he returned to his home in Plymouth, where he always made his home, except for the past eight years, he has lived with his daughter, Mrs. Bert Balch who had devotedly cared for him.

Mr. Hall was a great lover of music and of the old time dances. He attended them regularly up to within a few years ago. On his 94th birthday he danced a jig in such a manner that made the younger dancers admire his ability.
Mr. Hall was an ardent checker player and was often seen in the Ludlow Checker club rooms. He had been in exceptionally good health until recently.

He leaves two daughters, Mrs. Bert Balch and Mrs Floyd Hadley of Ludlow, and three sons, Verne, Julian, and Lindsey, also a cousin, Mrs. Prudence Albee of Springfield who is near Mr. Hall's age. Fourteen grandchildren survive, also five great -grandchildren.

The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at the Snow and Spaulding Undertaking parlors on Main Street. Rev. Norman Moss officiated. The Ballard Hobart Post American Legion had charge of the service at the grave at Plymouth. The woman's Relief Corps attended the funeral in a body."

(Obituary from the Vermont Journal, February 7, 1935)

HALL, Eleazer Alonzo (I99923)
168 "Lydia, and Henry Chandler, widr., Nov. 28, 1695" Family F3714
169 "Major Simon Willard, sometime of Groaten, April 24 & buried 27, 1676" [ChVR 1:97]; "April 25. Major Symon Willard, one of our magistrates died" [Hull 241]. WILLARD, Major Simon (I80315)
170 "March 24, 1733/4 John Douglass an Adult person was baptised." Records of the First Church in Marshfield, Massachusetts, pg. 12.

DOUGLAS, John (I79546)
171 "March the 12, 1710 My dear wife Hannah Bartlet died being near 72 years of age, myself being six months younger than she when she died..." [NEHGR 101:279 (from family Bible)]. (If the date given for the death of Hannah is 12 March 1710/1, then she was probably born in the first half of 1639, which would place her husband's birth late in 1639.)" POPE, Hannah (I28780)
172 "Margaret, d. Robert and Elizabeth, Sept. 4, 1716, a. abt. 7 w." SALLOWS, Margaret (I38186)
173 "Mary, w. Mr. Thomas, Oct. 4, 1751" PETERS, Mary (I10856)
174 "Mary, w. Robert, d. Richard Thistle, May 6, 1714, a. abt. 40 y." THISTLE, Mary (I38188)
175 "Matthew, Nov. 15, 1801, a. 52. [consumption]" POLLARD, Matthew (I37914)
176 "Mehittable Woodworth," daughter of "Walter Woodworth" of Scituate, was a victim of witchcraft, "almost bereaved of her senses," 6 March 1676/7 [PCR 5:223]; unmarried on 26 November 1685 (father's will).  WOODWORTH, Mehetabel (I32493)
177 "Middleborough" SOUTHWORTH, Nathaniel (I29147)
178 "Montana Standard" [Butte, Silver Bow Co., MT], Tuesday, 2 Dec 1958, p. 5:

Bernard Cooley, Once
Butte Resident,
Dies on West Coast

Bernard Cooley, a former resident of Butte for many years, died Nov. 30 in Alderwood Manor, Wash., according to word received Monday by Mrs. Bernard Morrissey, 2521 Princeton, an old-time family friend.

Mr. Cooley had been in failing health for a long period of time, the victim of a heart ailment. During his many years residence in Butte, he followed the occupation of miner. The family home here was on Amherst Street.

Surviving relatives include his wife, Mrs. Pearl Cooley; his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mabel Hill, a brother-in-law, Edward Hill; a brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ossie Kelly, and a niece, Carl Kelly, all in Alderwood.

The death was the second to strike the Cooley family in two days, his mother being summoned on Nov. 29 at Moses Lake, Wash.

COOLEY, Bernard Eli (I82438)
179 "Mr. Moses Emerson and Mrs. Mary Bradbury both of this town joined in marriage in this town before the Rev. Mr. Scales June 25 1767" Family F2350
180 "Mrs. Francis Pinchon, the wife of Mr. Willia[m] Pinchon," was admitted to Roxbury church, "she was a widow, a matron of the church at Dorchester, where Mr. Pinchon married her. She came with the first company, anno 1630" [RchR 77]." Family F10805
181 "Mrs. Margaret E. Johnson, widow of the late Frank Johnson, died at the home of her step-daughter, Mrs. Arthur Crosby, in Methuen today, at the advanced age of 85 years, 7 months and 26 days. The deceased had enjoyed fairly good health up to several months ago, but since then she has failed rapidly. The deceased was one of the oldest residents of Methuen, and was highly esteemed. A native of Andover, born there Oct. 28, 1820, she had lived in Methuen the greater part of her long life. Her maiden name was Wardwell. She came to town in early life, and wedded George Barker, a prominent young man, and some years later she became the wife of Frank Johnson, himself a widower, and proved a loving wife and tender mother to the growing children.

The funeral will be held at the Crosby home in Methuen Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, and internment will be in Walnut Grove cemetery in Methuen."

-unknown newspaper in the Andover Historical Society Collection

WARDWELL, Margaret Elizabeth (I95768)
182 "Mrs. Wardel, an ancient widow" [BVR 238] CROW, Elizabeth (I29329)
183 "My mother, Rebekah Sherborne, died the 3d June 1667 about noon, and was buried by four of her children" [Waterhouse Anc 62]. GIBBONS, Rebecca (I4834)
184 "Nathanyell Felton" was admitted to the Salem, Massachusetts church on 13 August 1648.  FELTON, Lt. Nathaniel (I21822)
185 "Nehemia [Abbett], s. Georg and Sara, July 20, 1667" ABBOTT, Deacon Nehemiah (I39676)
186 "Nienaber, Elizabeth, widow, h. 12 13th" is listed in Williams' Cincinnati Directory, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1884-1885.

"Elizabeth Nienaber, widow, res 625 Upper 8th" is listed in the Bennett and Co.'s Evansville City Director, Evansville, Indiana, 1885.

WEBSTER, Anna Elizabeth (I31198)
187 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 16:

"Anne, baptized 12 June, 1603, of whom nothing more has been learned, unless she be the one mentioned in her brother John's Will as his 'sister Levitt.' Ralph Levet was a witness to the Will."

HUTCHINSON, Anne (I36300)
188 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 16:

"Susanna (the second), baptized 9 August, 1601, and married at Alford 21 November, 1623, to Augustine Storre. Such is the orthography in the Alford Register, though the name seems to have subsequently undergone many variations, terminating in Story. She is mentioned in her brother John's Will, 1644, as his 'sister Stor.'"

HUTCHINSON, Susanna (I36292)
189 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 21: Edward was the elder brother of Francis Marbury, was knighted in 1603, and died in 1605 while High Sheriff of the county, leaving a son George, who was also knighted in 1606.

MARBURY, Edward (I36306)
190 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 21: William Marbury died without issue.  MARBURY, William (I36307)
191 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 22: Anthony was born in London, and matriculated at Brasenose College 20 October 1626, age 18.

MARBURY, Anthony (I34881)
192 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 22: Erasmus Dryden was created a Baronet in 1619, but the title became extinct on the death of the 7th Baronet, in 1770. John Dryden, the poet, was grandson of this Sir Erasmus.

DRYDEN, Sir Erasmus (I34954)
193 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 22: Erasmus matriculated at Brasenose College, Oxford, 12 April, 1616, aged 19.

MARBURY, Erasmus (I34874)
194 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 22: Jeremuth signed his name as "Jerimoth" in the Subscription Book at Oxford. He matriculated at Brasenose College 11 June 1619, age 18.

MARBURY, Jeremuth (I34877)
195 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 23-24:

"It will be seen, therefore, that Anne Hutchinson, by both parents, descended from gentle and heraldic families of England. The same cannot, it is to be feared, be said of her husband. While the Heralds were engaged in the Visitation of Lincolnshire, in the year 1634, Thomas Hutchinson, grandson of William Hutchinson, of Lincoln (brother of John, the ancestor of the emigrant), then living at Thedlethorpe in Lincolnshire, having made a good match with the Fairfaxes, presented his pedigree, and claimed the arms of Hutchinson of Yorkshire, but failed to establish his right to their use. The pedigree was retained among the Herald's notes, but on the original (preserved at the College of Arms) are endorsed the following ominous and significant words: 'Respited for Proof.' The requisite proof was evidently never furnished, nor have the arms ever since been granted or confirmed to any member of the family in this line. As this Thomas Hutchinson was himself born before the death of Edward Hutchinson of Wykeham Abbey, to whom the arms had been of right confirmed in 1581, there could have been no difficulty in establishing a connection with his branch, if any such existed, and the fact that it could not then be accomplished, and has not since been done, is fatal to the claims of the descendants of the two Mayors of Lincoln, including Governor Hutchinson himself, who clearly used the arms, not of right, but solely because they were the only arms of Hutchinson.

"On the other hand, the writer may add, in conclusion, that he has successfully traced the descent of Richard Hutchinson, of Salem, another of the early New England emigrants, through the branch in Nottinghamshire, directly to the heraldic family of Yorkshire.

"London, England, July, 1866."

HUTCHINSON, William (I34685)
196 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 23:

"It should be mentioned that Bridget Dryden is distinctly named in her father's Will, and also her sister Emme, who married William Bury, Esq., of Grantham, in Lincolnshire, whose daughter Bridget was subsequently married to John Hutchinson of Alford, brother of William. It is also worthy of notice that the christian names of more than half of the children of Francis and Bridget Marbury correspond with those of her brothers and sisters, after whom they were evidently named."

MARBURY, Anne (I34686)
197 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 4: "Christopher, who was a Clergyman. He was instituted to the church of South Leasingham on the 6th of August, 1522, and to that of Scremby (both in Lincolnshire) on the 22d of October, 1526. He died, probably, about Jun, 1556, as his Will was proved on the 8th of July in that year, having been made on the 18th of November, 1554, when he described himself as still 'Parson of Leasingham.' He bequeathed legacies to his sister and three brothers, and their children, perfectly identifying them all. His brother John was his Executor and proved the Will."

HUTCHINSON, Christopher (I36332)
198 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 6: "Alice, married to James Remington, of Branston, near the city of Lincoln, who, in his Will, dated on the 10th of January and proved the 18th of February, 1558-9, called himself a 'husbandman.' She survived him, and made her own Will on the 19th of February 1559-60, but it was not proved until the 7th of March, 1567. Her brother, John Hutchinson, was named as Supervisor of both Wills, the contents of which, as well as her husband's description of himself, sufficiently indicate that their station in life was very humble."

HUTCHINSON, Alice (I36342)
199 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 7: "William, named as eldest son in his father's Will, and who proved the same in 1565, which shows that he was then of full age. He married Margaret Sisson, on the 26th of August, 1565, at St. Mary Wigford's, in the city of Lincoln. She was also buried there on the 3d of June, 1580, leaving issue--John, Anne, Jane, Margaret and Susan. Her husband was buried at the same place on the 14th of January, 1583-4. His Will is dated on the 26th of February, 1582-3, when all his children were living. He mentions his brothers John, Arthur, and Edward, and his sisters Alice and Mary, as also his brother-in-law Edmund Knight."

HUTCHINSON, William (I36322)
200 "Notes Upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury" by Joseph Lemuel Chester, Boston, 1866, pg. 8: "Alice, a minor in 1565, but married before 1583 to Thomas Dynyson. Both were still living in 1586."

HUTCHINSON, Alice (I36327)

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