Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts


Tree: FamilyWorld
Latitude: 42.5791694, Longitude: -71.4383306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Sarah  1697Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I10877 FamilyWorld 
2 BURNS, George James  13 Jul 1855Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117620 FamilyWorld 
3 CHANDLER, Aaron  1722Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85870 FamilyWorld 
4 CHANDLER, Benjamin  1718Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85871 FamilyWorld 
5 CHANDLER, Henry  1727Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85872 FamilyWorld 
6 CHANDLER, Isaac  7 Dec 1730Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85873 FamilyWorld 
7 CHANDLER, John  1725Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85874 FamilyWorld 
8 CHANDLER, Joseph  29 Jan 1728/29Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85875 FamilyWorld 
9 CHANDLER, Lydia  10 Dec 1735Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85876 FamilyWorld 
10 CHANDLER, Moses  1720Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85877 FamilyWorld 
11 CHANDLER, Rachel  2 Apr 1732Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85878 FamilyWorld 
12 CHANDLER, Sarah  17 May 1734Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85868 FamilyWorld 
13 CHANDLER, William  1719Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I85879 FamilyWorld 
14 CUMMINGS, Isaac  29 Oct 1800Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I91171 FamilyWorld 
15 DENIO, Donald Smith  22 Nov 1917Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98929 FamilyWorld 
16 GOULD, Allan B.  Aug 1866Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I89263 FamilyWorld 
17 IRISH, William Franklin  2 Apr 1865Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86395 FamilyWorld 
18 KEYES, Otis  9 Apr 1824Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I80156 FamilyWorld 
19 MINOT, Samuel  1 Apr 1774Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I74804 FamilyWorld 
20 PARKER, Abel  25 Mar 1753Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I50650 FamilyWorld 
21 PARKER, Samuel  1 Jan 1717Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I50629 FamilyWorld 
22 SMITH, Fred Alonzo  22 Jul 1869Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98915 FamilyWorld 
23 SPAULDING, Josiah  29 Apr 1734Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78842 FamilyWorld 
24 SPAULDING, Josiah  4 Sep 1765Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78845 FamilyWorld 
25 SPAULDING, Lydia  12 Apr 1764Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78844 FamilyWorld 
26 SPAULDING, Moses  13 Mar 1778Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78847 FamilyWorld 
27 SPAULDING, Rebecca  20 Dec 1767Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78846 FamilyWorld 
28 SPAULDING, Sarah  16 Mar 1770Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78836 FamilyWorld 
29 WHITTIER, Harold Amos  3 Dec 1904Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I121983 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Sarah  16 Feb 1748Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I10877 FamilyWorld 
2 BLOOD, Aaron  21 Jun 1812Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I32169 FamilyWorld 
3 BLOOD, Dorcas  Sep 1792Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I32162 FamilyWorld 
4 BLOOD, Eleaser  20 Jul 1832Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I32171 FamilyWorld 
5 BLOOD, Hannah  Mar 1789Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I32166 FamilyWorld 
6 CHAMBERLAIN, Abigail  12 May 1778Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I32159 FamilyWorld 
7 CHAMBERLAIN BLOOD, Widow Abigail  12 May 1778Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I10878 FamilyWorld 
8 CHANDLER, Ephraim  10 May 1767Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I10862 FamilyWorld 
9 CHANDLER, William  27 Jul 1756Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I10813 FamilyWorld 
10 CLEVELAND, Lydia  7 May 1777Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78843 FamilyWorld 
11 COBURN, Ward  4 Dec 1880Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I67702 FamilyWorld 
12 COOK, Enoch William  3 May 1827Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I68659 FamilyWorld 
13 DINSMORE, Jane M.  16 Nov 1868Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86398 FamilyWorld 
14 HARDY, Thomas  9 May 1780Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I28352 FamilyWorld 
15 JACKMAN, Demaris  21 Feb 1895Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I108510 FamilyWorld 
16 KEYES, Otis  15 Mar 1888Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I80156 FamilyWorld 
17 LAMBERT, Benjamin DeForest  8 Feb 1991Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I62121 FamilyWorld 
18 ROBINSON, Jeremiah  19 Oct 1771Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I27248 FamilyWorld 
19 SMITH, Paula Ellen  25 Feb 2002Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I1873 FamilyWorld 
20 TURRELL, Lucy Ann  23 Nov 1934Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I80155 FamilyWorld 
21 WHITAKER OR WHITACRE, Sarah  26 Jan 1752Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I80290 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURGE, Susanna  Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I10817 FamilyWorld 
2 CHANDLER, William  Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I10813 FamilyWorld 
3 PARKER, Aaron  Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I50622 FamilyWorld 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Keyes / Turrell  2 Jun 1855Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F26455 FamilyWorld 
2 ROBBINS / CHANDLER  12 Jul 1733Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F3459 FamilyWorld 
3 Stiles / MANN  8 Jun 1901Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F34605 FamilyWorld 
4 Woodbury / Fisher  15 Dec 1918Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35581 FamilyWorld