Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut


Tree: FamilyWorld
Latitude: 41.9816694, Longitude: -72.6511111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 EDWARDS, Annis  Abt 1858Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I104649 FamilyWorld 
2 EDWARDS, Ellen  Abt 1856Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I104648 FamilyWorld 
3 EDWARDS, Emerson Henry  12 Jun 1860Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I104540 FamilyWorld 
4 EDWARDS, Henry  2 Feb 1826Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I104644 FamilyWorld 
5 REMINGTON, Benjamin  23 Dec 1677Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127709 FamilyWorld 
6 REMINGTON, Dudley  31 Jul 1710Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127700 FamilyWorld 
7 REMINGTON, Elizabeth  22 Aug 1718Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127693 FamilyWorld 
8 REMINGTON, Isaac  9 Aug 1712Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127701 FamilyWorld 
9 REMINGTON, John  maybe 1758Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127706 FamilyWorld 
10 REMINGTON, Jonathan  11 Nov 1707Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127695 FamilyWorld 
11 REMINGTON, Jonathan  Abt 1760Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127707 FamilyWorld 
12 REMINGTON, Joseph Jr.  20 Nov 1704Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127698 FamilyWorld 
13 REMINGTON, Joseph Jr.  5 Sep 1706Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127699 FamilyWorld 
14 REMINGTON, Mary  22 Aug 1718Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127702 FamilyWorld 
15 REMINGTON, Sarah  maybe 1762Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127708 FamilyWorld 
16 SWINDT, Margaret Emma  1858Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I77017 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHASE, Anne  Aft 15 Aug 1690Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I5769 FamilyWorld 
2 CROSS, Eleanor Louise  8 Jan 1997Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I91064 FamilyWorld 
3 DUDLEY, Elizabeth  Aft 1718Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127697 FamilyWorld 
4 HAZELTON, Ruby Fay  9 Oct 1990Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I40923 FamilyWorld 
5 HITCHCOCK BUSH, Thankful  5 Dec 1773Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127710 FamilyWorld 
6 KIMBALL, Sarah  12 Jun 1696Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I35140 FamilyWorld 
7 REMINGTON, Jonathan  15 Jun 1755Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127707 FamilyWorld 
8 REMINGTON, Jonathan  9 Mar 1796Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127695 FamilyWorld 
9 REMINGTON, Joseph Jr.  28 Nov 1704Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127698 FamilyWorld 
10 REMINGTON, Joseph  24 Jul 1768Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127696 FamilyWorld 
11 REMINGTON, Thomas  23 Feb 1721Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127703 FamilyWorld 
12 TRUDO, LeRoy Frederick  19 Dec 1980Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I99362 FamilyWorld 
13 WALKER, Mehitable  17 Dec 1718Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127704 FamilyWorld 
14 WARNER, Thankful  31 Mar 1777Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I127711 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 CORSER, Proctor  Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut I109991 FamilyWorld 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Remington / Warner  31 May 1711Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut F42119 FamilyWorld