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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alma L.  Abt 1867Germany I63764 FamilyWorld 
2 Augusta O.  19 Nov 1861Germany I69422 FamilyWorld 
3 Catherine  Abt 1820Germany I34299 FamilyWorld 
4 Christina  Germany I35537 FamilyWorld 
5 Dorothea Charlotte Louise 'Minna'  Abt 1840Germany I102945 FamilyWorld 
6 Emilia  Abt 1870Germany I92755 FamilyWorld 
7 Emma  Jul 1849Germany I102962 FamilyWorld 
8 Louise  Oct 1878Germany I69230 FamilyWorld 
9 Margaret  27 Sep 1827Germany I77335 FamilyWorld 
10 Mary or Marg  Abt 1839Germany I102950 FamilyWorld 
11 Sophia  Abt 1844Germany I102947 FamilyWorld 
12 Theresa  Abt 1857Germany I70868 FamilyWorld 
13 ARNDTS, Ann  22 Nov 1898Germany I78323 FamilyWorld 
14 ARRILD, Andreas Jensen  Germany I62273 FamilyWorld 
15 AUBURY, Charlotte Louisa  Abt 1784Germany I1895 FamilyWorld 
16 BANSE, Ernest William 'Ernst'  13 Jul 1899Germany I93316 FamilyWorld 
17 BARUSHKA, Elizabeth  Feb 1866Germany I81192 FamilyWorld 
18 BEYER, John  Abt 1818Germany I34298 FamilyWorld 
19 BORMANN, Mary E. 'Marie'  9 Jan 1868Germany I123496 FamilyWorld 
20 BRENNING, Carl  Abt 1904Germany I105097 FamilyWorld 
21 BROCKSTEDT, Heinrich 'Henry'  Abt 1847Germany I87029 FamilyWorld 
22 BYER, Anna Mary  Jan 1850Germany I34287 FamilyWorld 
23 CHRISTIANSEN, Juliana  Abt 1869Germany I82796 FamilyWorld 
24 CLESLE, August  Oct 1861Germany I100914 FamilyWorld 
25 COURTEMANCHE, Kristina Nicole   I21469 FamilyWorld 
26 COURTEMANCHE, Richard Frances II   I21468 FamilyWorld 
27 DAHMER, Katherine 'Kate'  25 Apr 1870Germany I88044 FamilyWorld 
28 DELFLEFSEN, Christina  Abt 1849Germany I75410 FamilyWorld 
29 DIETZEL, Martha Jean  Abt 1884Germany I85291 FamilyWorld 
30 DUBBELS, John  May 1846Germany I63561 FamilyWorld 
31 DUERR, Philip W.  Apr 1884Germany I71236 FamilyWorld 
32 DUTCHMAN / DEUTSCHMAN, Wilhelm Conrad  27 Jan 1843Germany I94312 FamilyWorld 
33 EHRHART, Joseph A.  Germany I35612 FamilyWorld 
34 EHRHART, Lucas A.  Oct 1851Germany I35489 FamilyWorld 
35 EINFELDT, Frederick Wilhelm  23 Sep 1833Germany I81210 FamilyWorld 
36 ENGNATH, Rudolph J.  10 May 1869Germany I81191 FamilyWorld 
37 ERNST, Alois  28 Nov 1843Germany I76403 FamilyWorld 
38 ESPIG, Ida L.  15 Jan 1867Germany I121410 FamilyWorld 
39 FEIL, Adam  Aug 1839Germany I74385 FamilyWorld 
40 FINTZEN, Dora Sophie  Abt 1855Germany I75267 FamilyWorld 
41 FLAGG, Louise  1840Germany I27480 FamilyWorld 
42 FLAIR 'FLEEHR' 'FLIER', Henry Alois  Abt 1841Germany I123730 FamilyWorld 
43 FOLLMER, Casper  1840Germany I27479 FamilyWorld 
44 FRANDSEN, George C.  27 Feb 1857Germany I118582 FamilyWorld 
45 FRANK, Pauline R.  Abt 1876Germany I85653 FamilyWorld 
46 FREUDENTHALER, William L.  20 Feb 1865Germany I94844 FamilyWorld 
47 GASCHK, Lydia  22 Jun 1903Germany I112229 FamilyWorld 
48 GLENDE, Bertha  15 Oct 1871Germany I106351 FamilyWorld 
49 GROSSER, Augusta Caroline  9 Feb 1840Germany I81211 FamilyWorld 
50 GUNTHER, Emil  Abt 1869Germany I80119 FamilyWorld 
51 HAIGHT, Katie  Abt 1872Germany I72501 FamilyWorld 
52 HAMMER, John  3 Oct 1824Germany I86501 FamilyWorld 
53 HARSIEM, Ernest August  Abt 1812Germany I111755 FamilyWorld 
54 HASSENFUSS, George M.  Germany I35555 FamilyWorld 
55 HASSENFUSS, Regina  Abt 1825Germany I35557 FamilyWorld 
56 HENKEL, Jacob Charles  22 May 1853Germany I65257 FamilyWorld 
57 HERRMAN, Martha E.  Sep 1877Germany I108071 FamilyWorld 
58 HERTEL, Robert H.  Abt 1869Germany I63763 FamilyWorld 
59 HINZ, Clemens  Abt 1861Germany I77331 FamilyWorld 
60 HINZ, Valeria Francisca  Abt 1887Germany I77326 FamilyWorld 
61 HIRMER FARNHAM, Walburga  3 Aug 1938Germany I81710 FamilyWorld 
62 HODDE, William Frederick  1 Jun 1875Germany I61488 FamilyWorld 
63 HOFFMAN, Hulda  1863Germany I100915 FamilyWorld 
64 HOFFMAN, Jacob  Germany I64119 FamilyWorld 
65 HOLT, Lena  Germany I66099 FamilyWorld 
66 HUEBNER, Alvin Emil  22 Mar 1860Germany I121409 FamilyWorld 
67 INTERMAN, William  Abt 1905Germany I96906 FamilyWorld 
68 JACOBSEN, Andrew  Abt 1870Germany I82795 FamilyWorld 
69 JAEGER  Germany I35538 FamilyWorld 
70 KASDORF, Siegrid  11 Aug 1938Germany I78264 FamilyWorld 
71 KIRCHNER, Barbara  26 Feb 1837Germany I72785 FamilyWorld 
72 KLUNE, George H.  Nov 1843Germany I102961 FamilyWorld 
73 KOBIELA, Marianna  maybe 1865Germany I77332 FamilyWorld 
74 KOCH, Mary Caroline  31 Mar 1828Germany I67036 FamilyWorld 
75 KORN, George  Germany I70850 FamilyWorld 
76 KRAUSE, Alfred Karl Adolphe  8 Feb 1895Germany I112612 FamilyWorld 
77 KREUZER, Frederick G.  Abt 1876Germany I61285 FamilyWorld 
78 KREUZER, Frederick G.  Abt 1906Germany I61277 FamilyWorld 
79 KRIENER, Elizabeth  Germany I61286 FamilyWorld 
80 KROPP, Adeline F.  1875Germany I88770 FamilyWorld 
81 KRUSE, John  Abt 1853Germany I75409 FamilyWorld 
82 KRUSE, Peter  1 Jul 1888Germany I75405 FamilyWorld 
83 KUAUKA, Anna  Germany I64120 FamilyWorld 
84 KUHL, Frederick 'Fred'  13 Sep 1819Germany I103645 FamilyWorld 
85 KUHN, Gustav  Abt 1879Germany I70969 FamilyWorld 
86 LAMBRECHT, Herman  Abt 1869Germany I62443 FamilyWorld 
87 LEEPER, Anthony  1829Germany I31412 FamilyWorld 
88 LEHMAN SCHMIDT, Lena A.  Jan 1870Germany I88204 FamilyWorld 
89 LEHNER, Anna  Jun 1864Germany I79221 FamilyWorld 
90 LIMPRECHT, Federick A.  Abt 1851Germany I81207 FamilyWorld 
91 LONG, Mary Pauline  Jun 1845Germany I68017 FamilyWorld 
92 MACLEAN, Judith Ann  5 Jan 1936Germany I64217 FamilyWorld 
93 MAIER, Anton  Abt 1854Germany I75266 FamilyWorld 
94 MARTINS, Fredericka 'Freida'  Oct 1862Germany I81526 FamilyWorld 
95 MIHM, Constantine  4 Oct 1823Germany I81175 FamilyWorld 
96 MILLER, Andrew  12 Feb 1888Germany I92892 FamilyWorld 
97 MOLLENHAUER, Paul  18 May 1896Germany I92746 FamilyWorld 
98 NEUBRAND, Olive  Jun 1854Germany I76390 FamilyWorld 
99 NIEMAN, Henry W.  Abt 1826Germany I94387 FamilyWorld 
100 OBERLIE, Frances  Germany I35556 FamilyWorld 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 HINZ, Valeria Francisca  9 Oct 1887Germany I77326 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CASSIDY, Raymond L.  9 Apr 1945Germany I90014 FamilyWorld 
2 CHANDLER, David Herbert 'Herbie' Jr.  8 Apr 1945Germany I86914 FamilyWorld 
3 CLOUGH, Roy Farrar  11 Apr 1945Germany I76052 FamilyWorld 
4 CORLISS, Ralph E.  8 Nov 1950Germany I63507 FamilyWorld 
5 EMERSON, Richard George  7 Mar 1945Germany I137876 FamilyWorld 
6 FLETCHER, Walton Ruben Jr.  12 Jul 1946Germany I81767 FamilyWorld 
7 FLEURY, Charles L.  14 Mar 1945Germany I134809 FamilyWorld 
8 KRIENER, Elizabeth  Bef 1934Germany I61286 FamilyWorld 
9 LOUGEE, Robert William  20 Nov 1944Germany I16362 FamilyWorld 
10 NEWTON, Roger Jason  8 Apr 1944Germany I102022 FamilyWorld 
11 WILKINSON, Elbert Clifton  7 Oct 1944Germany I114282 FamilyWorld 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DUFFT / D'HAYDENDRAILLE  Abt 1756Germany F1971 FamilyWorld 
2 Stubbe /   Abt 1867Germany F34728 FamilyWorld