Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont


Tree: FamilyWorld
Latitude: 43.540636, Longitude: -72.3989314


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHLINE, Betty Ruth  2 Jun 1937Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99267 FamilyWorld 
2 ASHLINE, Francis Victor   I99263 FamilyWorld 
3 ASHLINE, George Wayne  3 May 1947Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99264 FamilyWorld 
4 ASHLINE, Gordon Harry  13 Mar 1942Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99260 FamilyWorld 
5 ASHLINE, Joyce Ann  Abt 1935Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99269 FamilyWorld 
6 ASHLINE, Lawrence Adelorde  1 Jan 1940Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99268 FamilyWorld 
7 ASHLINE, Rachel Marie  21 Dec 1945Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99266 FamilyWorld 
8 ASHLINE, Sylvia Nellie  26 Sep 1939Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99259 FamilyWorld 
9 BARBOUR  19 Apr 1908Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99274 FamilyWorld 
10 BARBOUR  19 Apr 1908Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99276 FamilyWorld 
11 BARBOUR, Beverly June  30 Aug 1936Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99287 FamilyWorld 
12 BARBOUR, Chester Arthur  25 Jul 1912Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99273 FamilyWorld 
13 BARBOUR, Christine Madeline  30 Jul 1900Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99270 FamilyWorld 
14 BARBOUR, Gordon Paul  1 Jun 1948Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99290 FamilyWorld 
15 BARBOUR, Harold Winthrop  23 Oct 1904Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99272 FamilyWorld 
16 BARBOUR, Hazel Myree  27 Jul 1902Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99271 FamilyWorld 
17 BARBOUR, Louise Myrtle  5 Dec 1933Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99286 FamilyWorld 
18 BARBOUR, Marie Ethelyn  25 Dec 1939Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99289 FamilyWorld 
19 BARBOUR, Mary Evelyn  25 Dec 1939Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99288 FamilyWorld 
20 BARBOUR, Ralph David  29 Nov 1896Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99275 FamilyWorld 
21 BARBOUR, Sandra Lee  12 Jul 1944Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99291 FamilyWorld 
22 BARRELL, Abigail Viola  Abt 1846Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99040 FamilyWorld 
23 BLANCHARD, Dean Oswald  31 May 1879Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I112307 FamilyWorld 
24 BLANCHARD, Doris Melissa  19 Jun 1906Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I112309 FamilyWorld 
25 BROTHERS  21 Dec 1873Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99426 FamilyWorld 
26 BROTHERS, Alice M.  20 Apr 1873Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99425 FamilyWorld 
27 BROTHERS, Howard Mitchell  4 Apr 1871Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99424 FamilyWorld 
28 BURK, Clara E.  Abt 1854Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99036 FamilyWorld 
29 BURK, Sarah Jane  6 Apr 1849Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99420 FamilyWorld 
30 CADY, Frederic  17 Nov 1825Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I42255 FamilyWorld 
31 CARTER, Nellie Ann  16 Jun 1875Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99048 FamilyWorld 
32 CHASE, Blanche Josephine  18 Nov 1891Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99050 FamilyWorld 
33 CHASE, Edith Gertrude  24 Nov 1889Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99049 FamilyWorld 
34 CHASE, Homer Earle  22 Jul 1893Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99051 FamilyWorld 
35 CHASE, James Austin  28 May 1816Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I40033 FamilyWorld 
36 CHASE, Ruby Malania  15 Mar 1896Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99052 FamilyWorld 
37 COBB, William Bennett  27 Sep 1911Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I8323 FamilyWorld 
38 DOW, Earl Forrest  1 Sep 1926Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99060 FamilyWorld 
39 DOW, Edith Marion  24 Feb 1930Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99062 FamilyWorld 
40 DOW, Ernest Frederick  11 May 1920Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99061 FamilyWorld 
41 DOW, Floyd Alden  19 Apr 1931Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99063 FamilyWorld 
42 DOW, Irving Francis  20 Dec 1936Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99065 FamilyWorld 
43 DOW, Marlin Annetta 'Merlene'  26 Feb 1934Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99064 FamilyWorld 
44 FLOWER, Viola  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I62767 FamilyWorld 
45 FLOWERS, Marion Cylinda  Abt 1893Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I62762 FamilyWorld 
46 HATCH, Lillian May  Abt 1917Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99413 FamilyWorld 
47 HOWE, Avery Lull  29 Jun 1929Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99283 FamilyWorld 
48 HOWE, Laura Edith  6 May 1933Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99279 FamilyWorld 
49 HOWE, Leo Dustin  20 Aug 1917Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99282 FamilyWorld 
50 HOWE, Paul Gordon  26 Jun 1926Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99280 FamilyWorld 
51 HOWE, Raymond Stickney  26 Feb 1896Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99277 FamilyWorld 
52 HOWE, Raymond Stickney Jr.  5 Jan 1924Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99278 FamilyWorld 
53 HOWE, Viola Christine  14 Aug 1921Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99281 FamilyWorld 
54 KENISTON 'KENERSON', Ada V.  25 Mar 1854Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I130160 FamilyWorld 
55 MARCOTT, Clarine Leona  25 Feb 1919Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99406 FamilyWorld 
56 MARCOTT, Edward Lewis  24 Sep 1914Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99404 FamilyWorld 
57 MARCOTT, Ethan Erwin  4 Feb 1906Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99411 FamilyWorld 
58 MARCOTT, Eveline Hazel  8 Mar 1921Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99407 FamilyWorld 
59 MARCOTT, Florence Alice  1 Feb 1908Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99401 FamilyWorld 
60 MARCOTT, Katherine J.  Abt 1929Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99410 FamilyWorld 
61 MARCOTT, Lewis L.  23 Feb 1863Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99397 FamilyWorld 
62 MARCOTT, Sarah Ellen  26 Dec 1916Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99405 FamilyWorld 
63 MARCOTT, Viola Marie  25 May 1927Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99408 FamilyWorld 
64 MARCOTT, Virginia Mabel  25 May 1927Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99409 FamilyWorld 
65 MARCOTT, Wendell Emery  27 Apr 1912Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99403 FamilyWorld 
66 MATIVIA, Darius Russ  24 Jun 1863Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I78167 FamilyWorld 
67 MORGAN, Cora  1857Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I12762 FamilyWorld 
68 MORGAN, George Hiram  Jul 1850Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I12761 FamilyWorld 
69 MURPHY  28 Sep 1871Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99046 FamilyWorld 
70 MURPHY, Abigail Susan 'Abbie'  Abt 1872Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99042 FamilyWorld 
71 MURPHY, Alan Wayne   I99243 FamilyWorld 
72 MURPHY, Calvin Earl  26 Nov 1939Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99250 FamilyWorld 
73 MURPHY, Charles Chase  25 Sep 1893Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99395 FamilyWorld 
74 MURPHY, Charles Edward  15 Nov 1861Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99033 FamilyWorld 
75 MURPHY, Charles Edward  22 Nov 1866Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99041 FamilyWorld 
76 MURPHY, Dean Owen  24 Jul 1942Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99245 FamilyWorld 
77 MURPHY, Edith C.  2 Jan 1876Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99044 FamilyWorld 
78 MURPHY, Ephraim Hoyt  18 Jun 1848Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99030 FamilyWorld 
79 MURPHY, George E. Jr.  21 Dec 1873Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99043 FamilyWorld 
80 MURPHY, George S.  9 Jan 1840Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99026 FamilyWorld 
81 MURPHY, Grace Mildred  13 Feb 1906Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99228 FamilyWorld 
82 MURPHY, Henrietta L. 'Etta'  5 Nov 1889Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99396 FamilyWorld 
83 MURPHY, Jack Aubrey  11 Dec 1930Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99240 FamilyWorld 
84 MURPHY, James H.  8 Apr 1842Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99027 FamilyWorld 
85 MURPHY, Julia Elizabeth 'Lizzie'  27 Sep 1858Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99032 FamilyWorld 
86 MURPHY, Julian Harold  30 Oct 1894Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99225 FamilyWorld 
87 MURPHY, Katherine Edith 'Catherine'  3 Oct 1896Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99398 FamilyWorld 
88 MURPHY, Kenneth Jacob Harrison  20 Apr 1923Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99239 FamilyWorld 
89 MURPHY, Leon Eugene  11 Oct 1903Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99231 FamilyWorld 
90 MURPHY, Mahlon Oliver  25 Mar 1935Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99249 FamilyWorld 
91 MURPHY, Mary A. 'Nancy'  Abt 1851Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99031 FamilyWorld 
92 MURPHY, Mildred May  13 May 1913Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99229 FamilyWorld 
93 MURPHY, Nancy Jane  Abt 1844Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99028 FamilyWorld 
94 MURPHY, Oliver Dean  4 Dec 1895Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99226 FamilyWorld 
95 MURPHY, Orvilla Frances  11 Jul 1918Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99237 FamilyWorld 
96 MURPHY, Phyllis Jean  27 Aug 1945Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99248 FamilyWorld 
97 MURPHY, Priscilla May Mayme  4 Jul 1921Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99238 FamilyWorld 
98 MURPHY, Riley Stevens  28 Jan 1897Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99227 FamilyWorld 
99 MURPHY, Rodney Duane  14 Oct 1943Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99246 FamilyWorld 
100 MURPHY, Ruth Ethel  6 Jul 1916Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99230 FamilyWorld 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHLINE, Adelorde  18 Mar 1991Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99235 FamilyWorld 
2 BAKER, Charles Frederick  22 Nov 1926Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99056 FamilyWorld 
3 BAKER, Marion Louise  19 Aug 1948Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99058 FamilyWorld 
4 BARBOUR  19 Apr 1908Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99274 FamilyWorld 
5 BARBOUR  19 Apr 1908Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99276 FamilyWorld 
6 BARBOUR, Christine Madeline  19 Oct 1918Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99270 FamilyWorld 
7 BARBOUR, Ralph David  17 Dec 1896Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99275 FamilyWorld 
8 BARRELL, Abigail Viola  28 Jun 1899Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99040 FamilyWorld 
9 BATES, Joseph  27 Aug 1789Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I103038 FamilyWorld 
10 BROTHERS, Alice M.  27 Jul 1873Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99425 FamilyWorld 
11 CARTER, Nellie Ann  19 Apr 1948Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99048 FamilyWorld 
12 CHASE, Edith Gertrude  30 Sep 1932Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99049 FamilyWorld 
13 CHASE, Raymond Harrison  21 Apr 1991Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99083 FamilyWorld 
14 DOW, Ernest Frederick  20 Dec 1995Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99061 FamilyWorld 
15 DOWNING, John Wentworth  16 Sep 1981Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I91483 FamilyWorld 
16 HIBBARD, Frederick  2 Dec 1877Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I73762 FamilyWorld 
17 JOHNSON, Ruth Vivian  26 Jun 1970Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I76807 FamilyWorld 
18 LONGLEY, George  2 Dec 1887Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99024 FamilyWorld 
19 LUCAS, Hannah S.  19 Mar 1892Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99443 FamilyWorld 
20 MARCOTT, Lewis L.  12 Feb 1939Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99397 FamilyWorld 
21 MARCOTT, Wendell Emery  15 Dec 1988Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99403 FamilyWorld 
22 MCMURPHY / MURPHY, Ephraim 'Eph'  11 Nov 1876Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99023 FamilyWorld 
23 MERRILL, Clara Satira  12 Nov 1921Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I105821 FamilyWorld 
24 MURPHY, Abigail Susan 'Abbie'  10 Mar 1904Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99042 FamilyWorld 
25 MURPHY, Charles Edward  9 May 1946Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99033 FamilyWorld 
26 MURPHY, Edith C.  29 Jun 1945Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99044 FamilyWorld 
27 MURPHY, George E. Jr.  20 Apr 1941Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99043 FamilyWorld 
28 MURPHY, George S.  16 Aug 1923Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99026 FamilyWorld 
29 MURPHY, Henrietta L. 'Etta'  20 Dec 1956Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99396 FamilyWorld 
30 MURPHY, Leon Eugene  22 Jun 1904Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99231 FamilyWorld 
31 MURPHY, Mary A. 'Nancy'  9 Jan 1875Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99031 FamilyWorld 
32 MURPHY, Orvilla Frances  14 Mar 1950Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99237 FamilyWorld 
33 MURPHY, Shirley Ruth  1 Dec 1933Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99247 FamilyWorld 
34 MURPHY, William T.  28 Sep 1913Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99029 FamilyWorld 
35 RUSS, Guy Ervin  3 Jan 1923Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I112301 FamilyWorld 
36 SHEPARD, Paul Ray  8 Jul 1936Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I112303 FamilyWorld 
37 SHUTE  6 Nov 1929Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99256 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 ATWOOD, Howland Fay  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99241 FamilyWorld 
2 BARBOUR, Chester Arthur  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99273 FamilyWorld 
3 BARBOUR, Christine Madeline  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99270 FamilyWorld 
4 BARBOUR, Fred Edward  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99047 FamilyWorld 
5 BARBOUR, Harold Winthrop  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99272 FamilyWorld 
6 BARBOUR, Hazel Myree  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99271 FamilyWorld 
7 BATES, Joseph  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I103038 FamilyWorld 
8 BROTHERS, Alice M.  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99425 FamilyWorld 
9 BUNNELL, Edgar Dwight  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I104779 FamilyWorld 
10 CARTER, Nellie Ann  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99048 FamilyWorld 
11 CASE, Louise Diana  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I104774 FamilyWorld 
12 CLARK, Carol Ann  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I104375 FamilyWorld 
13 CLARK, Lettie E.  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99284 FamilyWorld 
14 DOWNING, John Wentworth  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I91483 FamilyWorld 
15 HOWE, Raymond Stickney  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99277 FamilyWorld 
16 HOWE, Viola Christine  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99281 FamilyWorld 
17 MARCOTT, Ethan Erwin  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99411 FamilyWorld 
18 MARCOTT, Lewis L.  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99397 FamilyWorld 
19 MCMURPHY / MURPHY, Ephraim 'Eph'  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99023 FamilyWorld 
20 MURPHY, Edith C.  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99044 FamilyWorld 
21 MURPHY, George E. Jr.  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99043 FamilyWorld 
22 MURPHY, Henrietta L. 'Etta'  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99396 FamilyWorld 
23 MURPHY, Priscilla May Mayme  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99238 FamilyWorld 
24 MURPHY, Ruth Ethel  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99230 FamilyWorld 
25 PIERCE, Mary C.  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99025 FamilyWorld 
26 WARREN, Addie May  Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont I99285 FamilyWorld 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barbour / Murphy  16 Jan 1895Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33503 FamilyWorld 
2 Barbour / Warren  21 Oct 1933Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33571 FamilyWorld 
3 Blanchard / Wilson  20 May 1903Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F37429 FamilyWorld 
4 Brothers / Murphy  1 Aug 1870Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33621 FamilyWorld 
5 Burk / Hubbard  25 Aug 1883Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33620 FamilyWorld 
6 Dow / Baker  13 May 1926Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33509 FamilyWorld 
7 Fisher / Chase  10 May 1932Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33508 FamilyWorld 
8 Howe / Barbour  18 Jun 1917Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33568 FamilyWorld 
9 Howe / Barbour  7 Jan 1921Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33569 FamilyWorld 
10 JAMESON / Kimball  4 Mar 1847Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F26835 FamilyWorld 
11 Kendall / Williams Osmer  28 Jun 1961Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F29945 FamilyWorld 
12 Longley / Lucas  2 Sep 1871Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33630 FamilyWorld 
13 Marcott / Hatch  28 Aug 1940Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33613 FamilyWorld 
14 Marcott / Murphy  8 Jan 1906Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33610 FamilyWorld 
15 Marcott / Parmenter  16 Jan 1937Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33612 FamilyWorld 
16 Marcott / Temple  25 Mar 1929Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33615 FamilyWorld 
17 Murphy / Ayers  24 Sep 1885Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33495 FamilyWorld 
18 Murphy / Carter  26 Apr 1894Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33504 FamilyWorld 
19 Murphy / Chase  24 Sep 1876Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33498 FamilyWorld 
20 Murphy / Henry  14 Nov 1874Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33500 FamilyWorld 
21 Murphy / Shute  5 Jul 1933Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33559 FamilyWorld 
22 Osmer / Trudo  22 Nov 1899Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33572 FamilyWorld 
23 Shepard / Russ  15 Nov 1919Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F37426 FamilyWorld 
24 Shute / Murphy  8 Jun 1926Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33562 FamilyWorld 
25 Thompson / Murphy  7 Dec 1879Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33496 FamilyWorld 
26 Towne / Marcott  8 Apr 1929Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33616 FamilyWorld 
27 Wood / Chase  25 Sep 1907Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F33507 FamilyWorld 
28 Wyman / Spear  29 Jun 1910Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont F29648 FamilyWorld