Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts


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Latitude: 42.7069389, Longitude: -71.1636111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kate Foshey  Abt 1873Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I41551 FamilyWorld 
2 ADAMS, Emily Louise   I18556 FamilyWorld 
3 ANDREW, Emily Cross  1 Sep 1889Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96972 FamilyWorld 
4 ANDREW, Herbert Nelson  2 May 1885Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96971 FamilyWorld 
5 ANGIER, Frank  21 Oct 1860Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97453 FamilyWorld 
6 ASHFORD, Gladys Mae  11 Dec 1881Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I89363 FamilyWorld 
7 ATHERTON, George L.  8 Feb 1878Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I89977 FamilyWorld 
8 AUSTIN, Lillian D.  4 May 1868Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95745 FamilyWorld 
9 AUSTIN, Nellie  16 Sep 1863Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95749 FamilyWorld 
10 AUSTIN, Susan Francilia  13 Jun 1850Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I40637 FamilyWorld 
11 BARTLETT, Martha Eliza  Abt 1869Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I38737 FamilyWorld 
12 BEVINGTON, Alice Mabel  8 Sep 1881Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96958 FamilyWorld 
13 BITTRICH, Alice  10 Oct 1885Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I122000 FamilyWorld 
14 BOWYER, Violet  22 Feb 1908Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I83274 FamilyWorld 
15 BOYNTON, Fred W.  27 Nov 1870Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I102465 FamilyWorld 
16 BRAINARD, Anna Eliza  11 Jun 1847Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I24711 FamilyWorld 
17 BROMLEY, Mary  Jan 1860Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95738 FamilyWorld 
18 BROUGHTON, Thomas William  6 Dec 1864Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I84407 FamilyWorld 
19 BUTLER, Marion Alberta  17 May 1891Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I102485 FamilyWorld 
20 BYRNE, John A.  Abt 1894Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I84372 FamilyWorld 
21 CALL, Albert Churchill  2 Mar 1913Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121426 FamilyWorld 
22 CALL, Albert Churchill Jr.  26 Jun 1934Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121434 FamilyWorld 
23 CALL, Carolyn Lola  1935Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121431 FamilyWorld 
24 CALL, Edward Kimball  26 Jun 1934Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121435 FamilyWorld 
25 CALL, Gilbert Malcolm  24 Mar 1911Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121425 FamilyWorld 
26 CALL, Harry Bertram Jr.  25 Sep 1900Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121424 FamilyWorld 
27 CALL, Janice Louise  13 Feb 1903Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121423 FamilyWorld 
28 CALL, Julia Ann  1933Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121433 FamilyWorld 
29 CARDINAL, Eva  Sep 1890Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I80079 FamilyWorld 
30 CASCONE, John T.  30 Mar 1913Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I89985 FamilyWorld 
31 CHURCHILL, Jennie Lulu  7 Mar 1875Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121422 FamilyWorld 
32 CLARK, Gladys L.  29 Jan 1900Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I60295 FamilyWorld 
33 CLARK, Katherine Marion 'Kate'  20 Oct 1869Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95891 FamilyWorld 
34 CLAYTON, Clara Alice  18 Oct 1899Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I84341 FamilyWorld 
35 CLEMENTS, Nellie May  19 Jul 1872Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I91694 FamilyWorld 
36 CONGDON, George Arthur  12 Jan 1867Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107795 FamilyWorld 
37 CORLISS, Nellie A.  May 1891Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I64017 FamilyWorld 
38 COUCH, Omar E.  Abt 1865Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I85258 FamilyWorld 
39 COUGHLIN CRUISE, Ellen Theresa  Abt 1864Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I89969 FamilyWorld 
40 COUILLIARD, Inez F.  3 Feb 1864Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I85255 FamilyWorld 
41 CRAGIN, Charles Harrison  1 Jul 1909Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96492 FamilyWorld 
42 CRAGIN, Dorothy May  28 Oct 1907Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96491 FamilyWorld 
43 CRAGIN, Frank S.  19 Jul 1876Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96490 FamilyWorld 
44 CROSS  3 Nov 1914Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96967 FamilyWorld 
45 CROSS, Abbie L.  27 Oct 1864Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97049 FamilyWorld 
46 CROSS, Anson Kent 'George'  6 Dec 1862Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97048 FamilyWorld 
47 CROSS, Edith Deborah  1 Jan 1880Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96938 FamilyWorld 
48 CROSS, Ethel S.  24 Mar 1876Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96957 FamilyWorld 
49 CROSS, Ethel S.  3 Jun 1906Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96966 FamilyWorld 
50 CROSS, Eva Osgood  5 Oct 1906Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96960 FamilyWorld 
51 CROSS, Eveline F. 'Eva'  15 Jul 1870Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97052 FamilyWorld 
52 CROSS, Ida Olive  16 Mar 1875Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96937 FamilyWorld 
53 CROSS, Jerome W.  3 Jul 1880Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96955 FamilyWorld 
54 CROSS, Mabel Gertrude  Abt 1875Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97053 FamilyWorld 
55 CROSS, Mary Amanda 'Mina'  20 Aug 1872Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96936 FamilyWorld 
56 CROSS, Wilbur Thompkins  24 Mar 1882Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96956 FamilyWorld 
57 CROSS, William H.  11 Feb 1882Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96941 FamilyWorld 
58 CURRIER, Carl Milton  15 Oct 1896Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I64849 FamilyWorld 
59 CURRIER, Eileen  Abt 1937Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I64874 FamilyWorld 
60 CURRIER, Miriam  Abt 1939Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I64875 FamilyWorld 
61 CURRIER, Philip Mahlon  19 Feb 1893Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I64876 FamilyWorld 
62 CURRIER, Ruth  Abt 1934Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I64873 FamilyWorld 
63 DAROIS BROOKS, Alice M.  Abt 1887Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I90707 FamilyWorld 
64 DE MEULEMEESTER / DEMESTER, Ernest James  4 Aug 1918Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I8257 FamilyWorld 
65 DEAN, Clarence W.  6 Sep 1882Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I91760 FamilyWorld 
66 DEAN, Clarence W. Jr.  Abt 1925Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I91761 FamilyWorld 
67 DOWERY, Viola  1 Aug 1870Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I68575 FamilyWorld 
68 DUSTIN, Grace E.  27 Aug 1902Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I17965 FamilyWorld 
69 DYER, Samuel Hamblet  Abt 1929Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95901 FamilyWorld 
70 DYER, Stephen Webster  3 Nov 1895Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95898 FamilyWorld 
71 DYER, Stephen Webster Jr.  10 Apr 1923Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95899 FamilyWorld 
72 DYER, Theodore Gage  5 Jun 1925Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95900 FamilyWorld 
73 EASTHAM  14 Jul 1887Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97078 FamilyWorld 
74 EASTHAM, Susie Wilson  4 Sep 1889Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97076 FamilyWorld 
75 EASTMAN  19 Nov 1877Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107808 FamilyWorld 
76 EASTMAN  3 Aug 1883Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107805 FamilyWorld 
77 EASTMAN, Alice M.  21 Apr 1879Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107802 FamilyWorld 
78 EASTMAN, Byron Wesley  12 Jan 1904Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107812 FamilyWorld 
79 EASTMAN, Carleton S.  27 Aug 1907Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107809 FamilyWorld 
80 EASTMAN, Ellen J.  8 Jun 1881Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107806 FamilyWorld 
81 EASTMAN, Ethel M.  Abt 1885Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107803 FamilyWorld 
82 EASTMAN, Harry Byron  8 Dec 1874Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107801 FamilyWorld 
83 EASTMAN, Louise J.  30 Dec 1898Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107811 FamilyWorld 
84 EASTMAN, Roger Allen 'Rog'  27 Apr 1917Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107813 FamilyWorld 
85 EMENEGGER, Annie  Mar 1867Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I37720 FamilyWorld 
86 FELLOWS, Caroline L.  21 Jul 1885Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I91758 FamilyWorld 
87 FELLOWS, Franklin  27 Aug 1886Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I91759 FamilyWorld 
88 FINN MONOGHAN, Catherine  Abt 1854Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I69008 FamilyWorld 
89 FRANK, Augusta  Abt 1863Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I40429 FamilyWorld 
90 GAGNON, Isadore  5 Jun 1880Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I83936 FamilyWorld 
91 GERSTENBERGER, Harry Leo  26 Oct 1896Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97188 FamilyWorld 
92 GORWAIZ, George Thomas  Jun 1868Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I106012 FamilyWorld 
93 GRIMES, Edgar Sargent  8 Jun 1905Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96944 FamilyWorld 
94 HAGER  25 Oct 1892Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96489 FamilyWorld 
95 HAGER  12 Aug 1894Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96487 FamilyWorld 
96 HAGER, Byron Dewey  12 Jan 1894Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96486 FamilyWorld 
97 HAGER, Etta Mabel Harriet  22 Feb 1876Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96483 FamilyWorld 
98 HAGER, Harrison E.  Abt 1889Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96488 FamilyWorld 
99 HAGER, Ida Blanche  20 Oct 1877Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96484 FamilyWorld 
100 HAGER, Jessie May  18 Apr 1881Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96485 FamilyWorld 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANGIER, Ellen I.  24 Apr 1860Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97449 FamilyWorld 
2 AUSTIN, Charles A.  22 Dec 1868Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95669 FamilyWorld 
3 AUSTIN, Lillian Florence  6 Nov 1936Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95719 FamilyWorld 
4 BLOOD, George F.  11 Nov 1896Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I104379 FamilyWorld 
5 BOURGET, Mary  6 Jun 1901Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I80083 FamilyWorld 
6 BRAINARD, Anna Eliza  20 Feb 1910Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I24711 FamilyWorld 
7 BRAINARD, Nelson  23 Mar 1850Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I24713 FamilyWorld 
8 BREEN, Philip H.  29 Mar 1915Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I68974 FamilyWorld 
9 BURBANK, Emulous Warren  7 Apr 1893Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I109223 FamilyWorld 
10 BURNHAM WELLS, Hannah  7 Nov 1901Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I86758 FamilyWorld 
11 CALL, Arthur Simpson  1939Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121392 FamilyWorld 
12 CALL, Janice Louise  2 Nov 1980Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121423 FamilyWorld 
13 CAREY, Alma L.  26 Jun 1933Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3818 FamilyWorld 
14 CHASE, Robert Cross  20 Oct 1955Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97068 FamilyWorld 
15 COLCORD, Judith  21 Aug 1893Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I27741 FamilyWorld 
16 CORLISS, Abigail  22 Dec 1876Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I1047 FamilyWorld 
17 CORLISS, Hazel Elliott  30 Oct 1984Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I81576 FamilyWorld 
18 CORLISS, Mabel Louise  3 Jun 2001Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I81578 FamilyWorld 
19 CORLISS, Melissa A.  5 Jun 1910Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3389 FamilyWorld 
20 CORLISS, Phebe Alice  25 Dec 1886Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I81573 FamilyWorld 
21 CROSS  3 Nov 1914Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96967 FamilyWorld 
22 CROSS, Abbie L.  10 Aug 1865Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97049 FamilyWorld 
23 CROSS, Adaline  10 Nov 1904Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I18969 FamilyWorld 
24 CROSS, Emily J.  3 Apr 1920Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96929 FamilyWorld 
25 CROSS, Ethel S.  19 Jul 1895Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96957 FamilyWorld 
26 CROSS, James Bradley  28 Sep 1885Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3146 FamilyWorld 
27 CROSS, Jerome  27 Nov 1878Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96916 FamilyWorld 
28 CROSS, Mary Amanda 'Mina'  26 Oct 1955Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96936 FamilyWorld 
29 CROSS, Susan F. 'Susie'  23 Apr 1899Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3180 FamilyWorld 
30 CROSS, William H.  8 Feb 1884Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96941 FamilyWorld 
31 CROSS, William Henry  16 Jan 1884Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96926 FamilyWorld 
32 CURRIER, Milton W.  18 Mar 1896Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I64871 FamilyWorld 
33 DANFORTH, Henry Putney  12 Oct 1913Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I86757 FamilyWorld 
34 DANFORTH, Sarah Rix  8 Mar 1868Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I110230 FamilyWorld 
35 DE MEULEMEESTER, Theophile  1932Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I80065 FamilyWorld 
36 DUSSAULT, Janette Moran  9 Apr 1927Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I82728 FamilyWorld 
37 DUSTIN, Carrie F.  30 Jun 1879Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I17572 FamilyWorld 
38 DUSTIN, John Emerson  2 Nov 1898Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I1217 FamilyWorld 
39 DYER, Stephen Webster  18 Dec 1979Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95898 FamilyWorld 
40 EASTMAN  19 Nov 1877Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107808 FamilyWorld 
41 EASTMAN, Julette A.  7 Sep 1887Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107790 FamilyWorld 
42 EASTMAN, Kirk Byron  8 Mar 1932Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107786 FamilyWorld 
43 FELCH, Irven W.  12 Jun 1978Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I90059 FamilyWorld 
44 FELLOWS, Franklin  Oct 1974Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I91759 FamilyWorld 
45 FELLOWS, Samuel Wheeler  18 Jan 1916Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I91744 FamilyWorld 
46 FISK, Benjamin Crosby  31 Dec 1872Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I110269 FamilyWorld 
47 FISK, Harriet A.  9 Jul 1909Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I110274 FamilyWorld 
48 FISK, Jane Gerry  30 Jun 1907Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I110271 FamilyWorld 
49 FISK, Rachel Marie  15 Mar 1857Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I110270 FamilyWorld 
50 FROST, William Prescott  10 Jul 1901Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I27740 FamilyWorld 
51 GARDNER, James  21 May 1891Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I68991 FamilyWorld 
52 GAULT, Arthur Lewis  1908Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I363 FamilyWorld 
53 GILE, Wilbur Fiske  5 Feb 1888Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I126790 FamilyWorld 
54 GRIMES, Henry Dustin  27 Dec 1962Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96940 FamilyWorld 
55 GRIMES, Spurgeon Amariah  17 Jan 1934Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96939 FamilyWorld 
56 HAGER  25 Oct 1892Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96489 FamilyWorld 
57 HAGER, Harrison E.  1 Mar 1893Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96488 FamilyWorld 
58 HAMBLET, George Warren  24 Mar 1965Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95889 FamilyWorld 
59 HAMBLET, Helen Elizabeth  19 Nov 1996Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95894 FamilyWorld 
60 HAMBLET, Katherine  23 Dec 1996Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I95897 FamilyWorld 
61 HARVEY, Lydia Davis  22 Dec 1905Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96457 FamilyWorld 
62 HATCH, Herbert W.  15 Jun 1928Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97074 FamilyWorld 
63 HEATH, Grace Viola  12 Jan 1983Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I83285 FamilyWorld 
64 HOLMAN, Harry Call  21 Aug 2002Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121428 FamilyWorld 
65 HUEBNER FINCH, Elizabeth Ida  15 Apr 1945Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121396 FamilyWorld 
66 HUTCHINSON, Solomon  26 Aug 1873Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I11940 FamilyWorld 
67 KILCUP, Thomas K.  21 Dec 1892Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I34621 FamilyWorld 
68 KILCUP, William Henry  16 Jan 1890Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96964 FamilyWorld 
69 LEAR, Clara  7 Feb 1906Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I91757 FamilyWorld 
70 MERRILL, Varnum Ayer  18 Feb 1898Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I98012 FamilyWorld 
71 ORDWAY, Dr. Aaron  1890Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I15270 FamilyWorld 
72 PHIPPEN, George R.  6 Jan 1903Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I80931 FamilyWorld 
73 PILLE, Hortense  9 Oct 1954Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I80066 FamilyWorld 
74 PULSIFER, Shirley Howard  28 Dec 1951Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I80869 FamilyWorld 
75 ROBERTS, Asa Adelbert  10 Jul 1894Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I37732 FamilyWorld 
76 ROBERTS, Lindley S.  29 Nov 1908Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I37733 FamilyWorld 
77 ROBERTS, William Adelbert  31 Dec 1908Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I37731 FamilyWorld 
78 ROWELL, Percy H.  3 Jun 1893Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I85256 FamilyWorld 
79 SANBORN, Genevieve  1918Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I89380 FamilyWorld 
80 SARGENT, Charles Fred  28 Oct 1930Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I45254 FamilyWorld 
81 SARGENT, Ellen  22 Jun 1857Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I45253 FamilyWorld 
82 SARGENT, Lorenzo D.  15 Aug 1929Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I45251 FamilyWorld 
83 SARGENT, Martha Jane  20 Feb 1863Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I1228 FamilyWorld 
84 SARGENT, Mary Osgood  22 Nov 1912Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96923 FamilyWorld 
85 SMITH, Lucena 'Cena'  24 Nov 1919Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107793 FamilyWorld 
86 THOMPSON, Harriet J.  10 Jul 1882Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I17571 FamilyWorld 
87 TUCKER, Matilda Clark  24 May 1915Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3172 FamilyWorld 
88 WATTS, J. Bentley  Aft 1910Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96968 FamilyWorld 
89 WELLS, Arthur William  30 Aug 1951Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I117723 FamilyWorld 
90 WILSON, Allen  25 Feb 1884Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I68451 FamilyWorld 
91 WILSON, Amos  20 Sep 1851Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I68950 FamilyWorld 
92 WILSON, David A.  15 Feb 1888Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I68951 FamilyWorld 
93 WILSON, Edith E.  6 Jan 1998Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121430 FamilyWorld 
94 WILSON, Grace  21 Apr 1852Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I68067 FamilyWorld 
95 WILSON, Martha Adeline 'Addie'  28 Jun 1881Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I68961 FamilyWorld 
96 WILSON, Nathaniel  15 Mar 1864Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I67709 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Marjorie A.  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107810 FamilyWorld 
2 CROSS, Ada Estelle  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3175 FamilyWorld 
3 CROSS, Frank Parker  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3174 FamilyWorld 
4 CROSS, Grace Hazelton  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3178 FamilyWorld 
5 CROSS, James Bradley  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3146 FamilyWorld 
6 CROSS, Mary Frances  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3179 FamilyWorld 
7 CROSS, Susan F. 'Susie'  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3180 FamilyWorld 
8 CROSS, William  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3144 FamilyWorld 
9 CROSS, William Parker  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3145 FamilyWorld 
10 EASTHAM, Henry Wilson  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I97073 FamilyWorld 
11 EASTMAN, Carleton S.  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107809 FamilyWorld 
12 EASTMAN, Harry Byron  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107801 FamilyWorld 
13 EASTMAN, Kirk Byron  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107786 FamilyWorld 
14 ESPIG, Ida L.  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121410 FamilyWorld 
15 FRENCH, Lorana  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3171 FamilyWorld 
16 HAZELTON, Mary 'Molly'  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3142 FamilyWorld 
17 HUEBNER, Alvin Emil  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I121409 FamilyWorld 
18 MERRILL, Charles Earl  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I89984 FamilyWorld 
19 SANBORN, Genevieve  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I89380 FamilyWorld 
20 SMITH, Lucena 'Cena'  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107793 FamilyWorld 
21 TUCKER, Matilda Clark  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I3172 FamilyWorld 
22 WILLEY, Minerva E. 'Minnie'  Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I107807 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID   Tree 
1 CROSS, Wilbur Thompkins  1917Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96956 FamilyWorld 
2 NEWTON, Ralph Blake  27 Apr 1942Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I101985 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 KILCUP, William Henry  25 Oct 1889Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts I96964 FamilyWorld 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   29 Jan 1908Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30265 FamilyWorld 
2 Andrew / CROSS  5 Jun 1883Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32748 FamilyWorld 
3 Andrew / Durrell  23 Jun 1907Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32750 FamilyWorld 
4 Atherton / Merrill  22 Apr 1908Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30271 FamilyWorld 
5 ATWOOD / COBURN  28 Feb 1881Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F5028 FamilyWorld 
6 Barton / CROSS  24 Jun 1885Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32775 FamilyWorld 
7 Bean / Bittrich  4 Jan 1908Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F40410 FamilyWorld 
8 Boyle / Merrill  25 Apr 1906Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30269 FamilyWorld 
9 Call / Churchill  7 Sep 1898Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F40232 FamilyWorld 
10 Call / Huebner  12 May 1917Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F40221 FamilyWorld 
11 Cardinal / Bourget  15 Jun 1884Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F26436 FamilyWorld 
12 Childs / Smith  30 Apr 1913Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F18210 FamilyWorld 
13 CORLISS / Cate  1 Jan 1873Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F5088 FamilyWorld 
14 Couch / Couilliard  24 Oct 1910Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F28578 FamilyWorld 
15 Cragin / Hager  9 Jul 1906Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32570 FamilyWorld 
16 CROSS / Bevington  6 Sep 1905Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32744 FamilyWorld 
17 CROSS / Brown  6 Jan 1862Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32769 FamilyWorld 
18 CROSS / Kilcup  14 Sep 1904Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32745 FamilyWorld 
19 CROSS / Snell  15 Nov 1872Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32743 FamilyWorld 
20 CROSS / Stone  19 Jun 1870Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32735 FamilyWorld 
21 CROSS / TUCKER  16 Aug 1861Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F191 FamilyWorld 
22 CROWELL / Hammond or Crawford  20 Feb 1893Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30309 FamilyWorld 
23 Currier / Currier  19 Nov 1890Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F21047 FamilyWorld 
24 DAVIS / Brocher  7 Aug 1912Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F13151 FamilyWorld 
25 Davis / Little  27 Nov 1884Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F36351 FamilyWorld 
26 de Meulemeester / Goethals  1921Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F26430 FamilyWorld 
27 Dewhurst / Dutton  16 Jun 1903Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F19538 FamilyWorld 
28 Durant / Keyser  27 Dec 1875Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F27832 FamilyWorld 
29 DUSTIN / CROSS  19 Jul 1894Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F5590 FamilyWorld 
30 Dyer / Hamblet  20 May 1922Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32374 FamilyWorld 
31 Eastham / CROSS  13 Oct 1886Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32780 FamilyWorld 
32 Eastman / Smith  22 Jan 1874Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F36286 FamilyWorld 
33 Eastman / Tyler  26 Dec 1900Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F29061 FamilyWorld 
34 Eastman / Willey  20 May 1897Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F36294 FamilyWorld 
35 EMERSON / Bailey  5 Nov 1850Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30535 FamilyWorld 
36 EMERSON / Lee  16 Jan 1875Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30540 FamilyWorld 
37 FAIRBANKS / Taylor  29 Sep 1915Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F34711 FamilyWorld 
38 FELLOWS / Lear  26 Jul 1882Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30950 FamilyWorld 
39 Ferrin / Fuller  4 Apr 1867Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F28627 FamilyWorld 
40 Fisk / Elliott  10 Mar 1869Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F36853 FamilyWorld 
41 Folsom / Eastman  21 Jan 1903Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F36293 FamilyWorld 
42 George / Heath   27 Nov 1851Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F4680 FamilyWorld 
43 Grant / Higgins  29 Sep 1880Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F35758 FamilyWorld 
44 Grimes / CROSS  25 Sep 1895Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32736 FamilyWorld 
45 Gutterson / Allen  16 Jan 1875Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F35052 FamilyWorld 
46 Hager / PECKER  19 Jun 1873Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32569 FamilyWorld 
47 Hamblet / Clark  24 Jan 1893Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32373 FamilyWorld 
48 Hanscom / Gile  15 Oct 1853Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F31032 FamilyWorld 
49 Heckler / CORLISS  1 Jun 1881Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F12298 FamilyWorld 
50 Hill / Wilson  8 Mar 1899Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22580 FamilyWorld 
51 Hughes / Keene  17 Nov 1891Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F27357 FamilyWorld 
52 Ingalls / Bromley  17 May 1884Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32316 FamilyWorld 
53 Jackson / Dowery  17 Mar 1870Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22466 FamilyWorld 
54 JAQUES / Simonds  24 Sep 1864Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F2069 FamilyWorld 
55 Malbon / Stackpole  22 Sep 1907Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30014 FamilyWorld 
56 Malloon / Demyer  16 Mar 1865Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F27076 FamilyWorld 
57 Malloon / McBride  27 Jan 1853Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F27077 FamilyWorld 
58 McCrillis / Sanborn  8 Nov 1882Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30025 FamilyWorld 
59 MERRICK / Paselt  19 Dec 1917Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F27957 FamilyWorld 
60 Merrill / Cogger  7 Aug 1907Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30270 FamilyWorld 
61 Merrill / Coughlin Cruise  29 Jan 1908Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30267 FamilyWorld 
62 Murch / Eastman  5 Dec 1885Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F36285 FamilyWorld 
63 ORDWAY / Johnson  26 Nov 1857Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F12253 FamilyWorld 
64 PATTEE / George  27 Sep 1862Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F28369 FamilyWorld 
65 Phippen / Merrill  27 Nov 1895Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F33098 FamilyWorld 
66 Prescott / Austin  6 Apr 1887Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32325 FamilyWorld 
67 Quimby / Wilson  1 Jan 1868Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22576 FamilyWorld 
68 Rice / Wilson  5 Nov 1893Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22134 FamilyWorld 
69 Roberts / Emenegger  4 Oct 1887Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F35647 FamilyWorld 
70 Siegel / Malbon  1 Sep 1917Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30017 FamilyWorld 
71 Silver / CROWELL  18 Dec 1851Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F30298 FamilyWorld 
72 Smith / BLOOD  3 Oct 1883Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F35138 FamilyWorld 
73 Stanton / Hamblett  2 Jan 1871Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F35684 FamilyWorld 
74 Steele / GREELEY  28 Nov 1866Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F13789 FamilyWorld 
75 Watts / CROSS  27 Oct 1885Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F32747 FamilyWorld 
76 Weeks / CORLISS  14 Aug 1878Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F27089 FamilyWorld 
77 Wilson / Bowen  5 Nov 1861Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22352 FamilyWorld 
78 Wilson / Breen  25 Aug 1913Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22584 FamilyWorld 
79 Wilson / Finn Monoghan  24 Mar 1910Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22594 FamilyWorld 
80 Wilson / Hurlburt  7 May 1853Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22009 FamilyWorld 
81 Wilson / Merritt Whitmore  14 Nov 1906Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22377 FamilyWorld 
82 Wilson / Orr  9 May 1874Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts F22579 FamilyWorld