Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts


Tree: FamilyWorld
Latitude: 42.6333306, Longitude: -71.3166694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Ethel H.  25 May 1880Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78669 FamilyWorld 
2 ADAMS, Grace Pearl  22 Jan 1878Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78668 FamilyWorld 
3 ADAMS, Pauline Rebecca  5 Dec 1881Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78670 FamilyWorld 
4 ASHWORTH, Nellie  Abt 1871Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I67808 FamilyWorld 
5 AUSTIN, Arthur W.  27 Sep 1882Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95720 FamilyWorld 
6 AUSTIN, Celia Isabella  Abt 1845Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95681 FamilyWorld 
7 AUSTIN, Clara Viola  19 Nov 1860Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I131395 FamilyWorld 
8 AUSTIN, Lillian Florence  14 Oct 1875Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95719 FamilyWorld 
9 AUSTIN, Mary J.  May 1866Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95721 FamilyWorld 
10 BAILEY  15 Sep 1849Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98044 FamilyWorld 
11 BAILEY, Clara Louise E.  5 Oct 1847Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98041 FamilyWorld 
12 BAILEY, Edward Hall  1 Feb 1901Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98054 FamilyWorld 
13 BAILEY, Emma A.  26 Jun 1851Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98075 FamilyWorld 
14 BAILEY, Gilbert Chester  20 Oct 1885Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98079 FamilyWorld 
15 BAILEY, Helen Margaret  4 Sep 1907Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98055 FamilyWorld 
16 BAILEY, John Alfred  10 Nov 1853Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98074 FamilyWorld 
17 BAILEY, Martha K.  Mar 1854Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98043 FamilyWorld 
18 BAILEY, Paul  1 Jul 1884Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98048 FamilyWorld 
19 BAILEY, Ruth G. B.  7 Sep 1851Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98042 FamilyWorld 
20 BAILEY, Ruth Merrill  24 May 1886Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98049 FamilyWorld 
21 BAILEY, Sidney Pray  29 Nov 1874Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98052 FamilyWorld 
22 BAILEY, Sidney Pray  23 Jun 1876Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98050 FamilyWorld 
23 BAILEY, Stephen Goodhue M.D.  23 Jan 1845Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98040 FamilyWorld 
24 BAILEY, Thomas Dustin  25 Aug 1878Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98047 FamilyWorld 
25 BARCLAY, Alice R.  7 Dec 1885Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105198 FamilyWorld 
26 BARCLAY, Ann D. 'Annie'  6 Dec 1852Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105134 FamilyWorld 
27 BARCLAY, Christina M.  Jan 1877Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105196 FamilyWorld 
28 BARCLAY, Cyrus Leroy  24 Oct 1884Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105209 FamilyWorld 
29 BARCLAY, Cyrus P.  19 Jan 1874Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105202 FamilyWorld 
30 BARCLAY, Edgar P.  7 Feb 1850Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105133 FamilyWorld 
31 BARCLAY, Frederick Alvah  7 Dec 1878Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105208 FamilyWorld 
32 BARCLAY, George E.  16 Jun 1856Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105135 FamilyWorld 
33 BARCLAY, Guy Richardson  20 May 1877Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105250 FamilyWorld 
34 BARCLAY, Harry John  28 May 1882Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105197 FamilyWorld 
35 BARCLAY, Herbert Edgar  26 Sep 1872Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105207 FamilyWorld 
36 BARCLAY, Irene M.  15 Aug 1902Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105220 FamilyWorld 
37 BARCLAY, L. Minnie  10 Apr 1859Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105136 FamilyWorld 
38 BARCLAY, Nellie D.  5 Mar 1875Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105195 FamilyWorld 
39 BARCLAY, Oscar R.  Dec 1845Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105132 FamilyWorld 
40 BARCLAY, Warren Kenneth  9 Sep 1905Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105221 FamilyWorld 
41 BARKER, Bertha E.  Jul 1863Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95938 FamilyWorld 
42 BARNES, Carrie M.  Abt 1881Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I58762 FamilyWorld 
43 BASSETT, James G.  25 Dec 1830Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I13469 FamilyWorld 
44 BATCHELDER 'BACHELDER', Donald  23 Oct 1918Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I133887 FamilyWorld 
45 BEAN, Edward Wesley  Abt 1906Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I122001 FamilyWorld 
46 BEAN, Guy Wesley  16 Jul 1874Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I121998 FamilyWorld 
47 BEAN, Nelson Andrews  29 Mar 1881Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I121995 FamilyWorld 
48 BEDARD, Blanche  Abt 1893Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I65440 FamilyWorld 
49 BENOIT, Mary Virginia  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I64453 FamilyWorld 
50 BERNARD, Joseph Ralph  14 Jun 1883Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I99607 FamilyWorld 
51 BERRY, Fred Albert  2 Mar 1885Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117121 FamilyWorld 
52 BICKFORD, Mildred Madelaine  Abt 1919Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I96877 FamilyWorld 
53 BISCORNET, Olia A.  Abt 1893Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117115 FamilyWorld 
54 BRIEN  22 Feb 1942Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86923 FamilyWorld 
55 BRIEN, Robert Edward  9 Nov 1923Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86916 FamilyWorld 
56 BRIGGS, Walter J.  15 Dec 1870Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I83034 FamilyWorld 
57 BRIGGS, William Sherman 'Willie'  10 Sep 1868Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I83033 FamilyWorld 
58 BROOKS, Vera E.  Abt 1883Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97571 FamilyWorld 
59 BROWN  Dec 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97573 FamilyWorld 
60 BROWN, Florence Ruth  6 Feb 1928Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86904 FamilyWorld 
61 BROWN, Robert F.  26 Mar 1931Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86901 FamilyWorld 
62 BROWN, Ruth L.  8 Jul 1906Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97572 FamilyWorld 
63 BRYER, Clara E. 'Carrie'  26 Sep 1849Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I133607 FamilyWorld 
64 BULLOCK, Fay  Abt 1917Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I67891 FamilyWorld 
65 BULLOCK, Virginia  Abt 1919Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I67892 FamilyWorld 
66 BULMER, Sarah K.  Abt 1865Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I68306 FamilyWorld 
67 BURPEE, Inez  1 Jul 1867Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I122269 FamilyWorld 
68 CADWELL, Lewis B.  13 Oc t 1864Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I60440 FamilyWorld 
69 CADWELL, Walter H.  30 Jan 1861Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I60441 FamilyWorld 
70 CADY, George A.  21 Dec 1856Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I94646 FamilyWorld 
71 CADY, Samuel Brimmer  2 Sep 1854Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I42232 FamilyWorld 
72 CALKINS, Marilyn Thelma  1932Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107635 FamilyWorld 
73 CALKINS, Merrill A.  4 Jun 1907Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107634 FamilyWorld 
74 CALLAHAN, Minnie B.  2 Mar 1892Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I68137 FamilyWorld 
75 CARDINAL, Deoda J.  Abt 1864Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I80082 FamilyWorld 
76 CARR, Elsie Marion  Abt 1903Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I89773 FamilyWorld 
77 CASS, Fred Whipple Bickford  5 Dec 1879Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I84714 FamilyWorld 
78 CASWELL, Herman Joy  20 Jan 1899Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I132492 FamilyWorld 
79 CAULFIELD, Adelaide A. 'Addie'  22 Apr 1848Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107864 FamilyWorld 
80 CHANDLER, Albert Franklin  18 Jul 1904Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86912 FamilyWorld 
81 CHANDLER, Ella Inez  5 Sep 1906Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86913 FamilyWorld 
82 CHANDLER, Patricia  Abt 1930Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86918 FamilyWorld 
83 CHASE, Charles Francis  22 Jan 1878Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117426 FamilyWorld 
84 CHASE, Charles Francis  11 Oct 1884Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117420 FamilyWorld 
85 CHASE, Edmund Frederick  4 Sep 1886Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117419 FamilyWorld 
86 CHASE, Francis Nelson 'Frank'  28 Jul 1849Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117418 FamilyWorld 
87 CHASE, Nelson Chauncey  11 Oct 1893Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117423 FamilyWorld 
88 CHASE, Samuel Wood  27 May 1892Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117422 FamilyWorld 
89 CHASE, Susan Emma  6 Jan 1895Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117424 FamilyWorld 
90 CHESLEY, Charles Ezra  18 Nov 1848Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I3727 FamilyWorld 
91 CHURCHILL, Clara Louise  1 Jul 1878Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98066 FamilyWorld 
92 CHURCHILL, Daniel Everett  16 Jan 1881Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98064 FamilyWorld 
93 CHURCHILL, Eleanor M.  19 Aug 1876Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98065 FamilyWorld 
94 CILLEY, Annie L.  21 Dec 1873Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107850 FamilyWorld 
95 CILLEY, Donald Lesley  5 Jun 1912Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107863 FamilyWorld 
96 CILLEY, Dura B.  Dec 1883Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107853 FamilyWorld 
97 CILLEY, Edgar Frank  3 Aug 1880Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107851 FamilyWorld 
98 CILLEY, Osborn Hewes  27 Sep 1882Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107852 FamilyWorld 
99 CILLEY, Ruth E.  1917Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107862 FamilyWorld 
100 CLARK, Charles Timothy  1 Mar 1834Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I110277 FamilyWorld 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ABBOTT, Abigail Mary  Sep 1850Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I34539 FamilyWorld 
2 ADAMS, Pauline Rebecca  29 Nov 1922Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78670 FamilyWorld 
3 ALLEN, Mary Elizabeth  30 Sep 1946Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97301 FamilyWorld 
4 AMES, Mary T.  8 Mar 1864Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I121969 FamilyWorld 
5 AMY, Sarah  7 Apr 1876Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I88385 FamilyWorld 
6 AUSTIN, Arthur W.  28 Oct 1900Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95720 FamilyWorld 
7 AUSTIN, Henrietta Frances  19 Nov 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95678 FamilyWorld 
8 BADGER, George Watson  8 Jun 1893Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I115157 FamilyWorld 
9 BAILEY, Emma A.  23 Jul 1852Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98075 FamilyWorld 
10 BAILEY, Gilbert Chester  7 Jun 1887Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98079 FamilyWorld 
11 BAILEY, John Clendenin  18 Apr 1878Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97847 FamilyWorld 
12 BAILEY, Martha K.  11 Jun 1859Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98043 FamilyWorld 
13 BAILEY, Sidney Pray  30 Nov 1874Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98052 FamilyWorld 
14 BAILEY, Stephen Goodhue M.D.  31 Mar 1926Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98040 FamilyWorld 
15 BAILEY, Thomas Dustin  31 Dec 1890Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97846 FamilyWorld 
16 BAKER, Helen Murial  1991Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I63769 FamilyWorld 
17 BALLOU, Jane  31 Oct 1910Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I23612 FamilyWorld 
18 BARCLAY, Ann D. 'Annie'  20 Mar 1929Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105134 FamilyWorld 
19 BARCLAY, Cyrus P.  21 Dec 1879Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105202 FamilyWorld 
20 BARCLAY, L. Minnie  17 Sep 1860Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105136 FamilyWorld 
21 BARTLETT, Hannah E.  8 Dec 1905Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I83993 FamilyWorld 
22 BEAN, Jane E. 'Jennie'  18 Feb 1918Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I121953 FamilyWorld 
23 BEAN, John W.  14 Mar 1884Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I121955 FamilyWorld 
24 BEAN, Levi  25 May 1893Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I121952 FamilyWorld 
25 BEAN, Levi LaForest  14 Mar 1868Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I121956 FamilyWorld 
26 BEAN, Samuel  15 Nov 1867Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I108504 FamilyWorld 
27 BENNETT, Joseph Sumner  4 Apr 1882Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I67547 FamilyWorld 
28 BERKELEY, Charles W.  18 Mar 1889Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105108 FamilyWorld 
29 BERKELEY 'BARCLAY', Cyrus P.  11 Dec 1906Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105105 FamilyWorld 
30 BOWLES, Alonzo L.  6 Jul 1903Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I132182 FamilyWorld 
31 BRIEN  22 Feb 1942Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86923 FamilyWorld 
32 BRIEN, Robert Edward  23 Apr 1982Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86916 FamilyWorld 
33 BROWN  14 Dec 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97573 FamilyWorld 
34 BROWN, Burdell Francis 'Bud'  12 Oct 1976Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86900 FamilyWorld 
35 BROWN, Florence Ruth  16 Feb 1928Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86904 FamilyWorld 
36 BROWN, Robert F.  5 Feb 2004Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86901 FamilyWorld 
37 BUNKER, Ruth C.  26 Jun 1999Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I27251 FamilyWorld 
38 BUTLER, James Vernon  7 Jul 1972Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I94434 FamilyWorld 
39 BUTTS, Hannah  25 Feb 1884Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I123595 FamilyWorld 
40 BUXTON, Clarence  11 Mar 1890Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I69560 FamilyWorld 
41 CADY, Frederic  18 May 1896Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I42255 FamilyWorld 
42 CADY, Samuel Brimmer  2 Jun 1938Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I42232 FamilyWorld 
43 CALL, Royal  27 Mar 1861Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I108013 FamilyWorld 
44 CALLAHAN, Minnie B.  16 Jan 1970Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I68137 FamilyWorld 
45 CARDINAL, Eva  25 Dec 1916Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I80079 FamilyWorld 
46 CAULFIELD, Adelaide A. 'Addie'  10 Nov 1918Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107864 FamilyWorld 
47 CHADDOCK, Beauford Welsford  24 Feb 1929Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86893 FamilyWorld 
48 CHADDOCK, Ruth Blondette  28 Oct 1971Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86899 FamilyWorld 
49 CHANDLER, Albert Franklin  10 Feb 1949Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86912 FamilyWorld 
50 CHANDLER, Clara Arvilla 'Helen Gladys'  22 Feb 1942Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86915 FamilyWorld 
51 CHANDLER, David Hebert  3 Nov 1950Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86891 FamilyWorld 
52 CHANDLER, Elizabeth Frances  27 Jun 1959Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86889 FamilyWorld 
53 CHANDLER, Ella Inez  26 Aug 1961Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86913 FamilyWorld 
54 CHANDLER, John Alvin  1 Sep 1918Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86882 FamilyWorld 
55 CHASE, Charles Francis  25 Mar 1879Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117426 FamilyWorld 
56 CHASE, Charles Francis  15 Oct 1901Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117420 FamilyWorld 
57 CHASE, Edmund Frederick  22 Jul 1891Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117419 FamilyWorld 
58 CHASE, Francis Nelson 'Frank'  25 Nov 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117418 FamilyWorld 
59 CHURCHILL, Sheldon W.  3 Feb 1915Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98061 FamilyWorld 
60 CILLEY, Annie L.  15 Feb 1903Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107850 FamilyWorld 
61 CILLEY, Charles B.  1 May 1887Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107840 FamilyWorld 
62 CILLEY, Dura B.  6 Apr 1905Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107853 FamilyWorld 
63 CLEMENT, Daniel W.  21 Feb 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I67733 FamilyWorld 
64 CLEMENT, George W.  15 Oct 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I67837 FamilyWorld 
65 CLEMENT, Helen Francena  26 Apr 1915Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95869 FamilyWorld 
66 CLEMENT, Jennie Powers  16 Jan 1972Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117717 FamilyWorld 
67 CLOUGH, Blanche Evelyn  10 Nov 1997Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I76050 FamilyWorld 
68 CLOUGH, Horace Edmund  28 Oct 1937Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I76051 FamilyWorld 
69 CLOUGH, Roy Andy  11 Nov 1963Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I76041 FamilyWorld 
70 COGSWELL, Bernice Lillian  11 May 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86896 FamilyWorld 
71 COGSWELL, Charles Herbert  12 Jul 1933Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86892 FamilyWorld 
72 COLBY, Hezekiah  1851Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I38040 FamilyWorld 
73 COLBY, Lydia E.  1 Feb 1865Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I126411 FamilyWorld 
74 COLE, Sarah 'Sally'  4 Apr 1877Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I55380 FamilyWorld 
75 COLLINS, Delia M.  20 Aug 1900Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I90771 FamilyWorld 
76 CORLISS, Almira E. 'Minnie'  18 Jan 1934Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I3715 FamilyWorld 
77 CORLISS, Ammi Loring  8 Nov 1919Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I17487 FamilyWorld 
78 CORLISS, Charles Oscar  10 Oct 1904Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I17551 FamilyWorld 
79 CORLISS, Elmina Jane  6 Nov 1882Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I2646 FamilyWorld 
80 CORLISS, Helen Bruce  15 May 1869Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I62075 FamilyWorld 
81 CORLISS, Horatio G.F.  28 Nov 1870Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I62071 FamilyWorld 
82 CORLISS, John Ladd Jr.  23 Apr 1881Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I62070 FamilyWorld 
83 CORLISS, Mary A.  17 Jan 1881Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I62079 FamilyWorld 
84 CORLISS, Sarah Grace  28 Oct 1918Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I62076 FamilyWorld 
85 CORSER  19 Feb 1859Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I112380 FamilyWorld 
86 CORSER, Judith Peterson  16 May 1901Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I109917 FamilyWorld 
87 CORSER, Ruth  6 Feb 1889Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I109993 FamilyWorld 
88 CORSER 'COURSER', Jesse G.  3 Mar 1915Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I57347 FamilyWorld 
89 COSTELLO, Thomas  18 Oct 1893Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I68110 FamilyWorld 
90 COULOMBE, Anna  Aug 1981Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I19211 FamilyWorld 
91 CRANE, John E.  9 Apr 1876Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I124044 FamilyWorld 
92 CUSHING, Ann Jane  19 Jul 1852Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I24714 FamilyWorld 
93 DANFORTH, Albert Whitney  26 Apr 1912Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I110296 FamilyWorld 
94 DANFORTH, Sarah S. F. 'Helen'  23 Aug 1844Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I110295 FamilyWorld 
95 DAVIS, Betsey Jane  2 Oct 1886Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I90744 FamilyWorld 
96 DOUGLASS, Albert Alonzo  18 Jul 1871Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98046 FamilyWorld 
97 DOWNING, Moses G.  30 Dec 1870Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I110327 FamilyWorld 
98 DREW, Temperance  2 Mar 1859Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I24229 FamilyWorld 
99 DUFF, Alpherie  1 Sep 1953Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I19197 FamilyWorld 
100 DUFF, Emma Elizabeth  31 Dec 1949Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I19114 FamilyWorld 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Marion M.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98056 FamilyWorld 
2 ALLEN, Mary Elizabeth  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97301 FamilyWorld 
3 AUSTIN, Arthur W.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95720 FamilyWorld 
4 AUSTIN, Celia Isabella  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95681 FamilyWorld 
5 AUSTIN, Charles H.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95680 FamilyWorld 
6 AUSTIN, Lillian Florence  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95719 FamilyWorld 
7 BAILEY, Ruth G. B.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98042 FamilyWorld 
8 BAILEY, Thomas Dustin  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98047 FamilyWorld 
9 BAILEY, Thomas Dustin Jr.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98057 FamilyWorld 
10 BEAN, Samuel  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I108504 FamilyWorld 
11 BRIEN  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86923 FamilyWorld 
12 BRIEN, Robert Edward  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86916 FamilyWorld 
13 BROWN, Burdell Francis 'Bud'  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86900 FamilyWorld 
14 BROWN, Florence Ruth  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86904 FamilyWorld 
15 CALL, Royal  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I108013 FamilyWorld 
16 CARLTON, Sarah  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95810 FamilyWorld 
17 CHADDOCK, Beauford Welsford  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86893 FamilyWorld 
18 CHADDOCK, Ruth Blondette  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86899 FamilyWorld 
19 CHANDLER, Albert Franklin  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86912 FamilyWorld 
20 CHANDLER, Alfred  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86911 FamilyWorld 
21 CHANDLER, Clara Arvilla 'Helen Gladys'  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86915 FamilyWorld 
22 CHANDLER, David Hebert  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86891 FamilyWorld 
23 CHANDLER, David Herbert 'Herbie' Jr.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86914 FamilyWorld 
24 CHANDLER, Elizabeth Frances  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86889 FamilyWorld 
25 CHANDLER, Ella Inez  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86913 FamilyWorld 
26 CHANDLER, John Alvin  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86882 FamilyWorld 
27 CHANDLER, Mary Lillian  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86888 FamilyWorld 
28 CHIPMAN, Willard Woodbury  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I83744 FamilyWorld 
29 COBURN, Emily F.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117109 FamilyWorld 
30 COGSWELL, Bernice Lillian  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86896 FamilyWorld 
31 COGSWELL, Charles Herbert  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86892 FamilyWorld 
32 COLE, Sarah 'Sally'  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I55380 FamilyWorld 
33 CORSER, Judith Peterson  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I109917 FamilyWorld 
34 CORSER, Ruth  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I109993 FamilyWorld 
35 CORSER, Ruth E.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I109964 FamilyWorld 
36 COVER, Blanche Ellen  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I107860 FamilyWorld 
37 DOUGLASS, Albert Alonzo  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98046 FamilyWorld 
38 DOUGLASS, Donald Churchill  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98068 FamilyWorld 
39 DOUGLASS, Walter Bailey  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98062 FamilyWorld 
40 DOUGLASS, Walter Bailey Jr.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98070 FamilyWorld 
41 GOODHUE, Ruth Folsom  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98039 FamilyWorld 
42 GOULD, Hulda  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95644 FamilyWorld 
43 GRACE, Betsey  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I18888 FamilyWorld 
44 GRACE, Manuel 'Emanuel'  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I18882 FamilyWorld 
45 GREER, Josephine G. 'Josie'  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95682 FamilyWorld 
46 GRENIER, Gabrielle  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86922 FamilyWorld 
47 HOWITT, Edith A.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95936 FamilyWorld 
48 JACKMAN, Adaline  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I108496 FamilyWorld 
49 JALBERT, Marceline  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I22525 FamilyWorld 
50 JONES, Lillian Fitzhugh  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97109 FamilyWorld 
51 LAFLAMME, Harry Norman  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86919 FamilyWorld 
52 LALLY, Mary E.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I91619 FamilyWorld 
53 LEMIEUX, Joseph D.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I22531 FamilyWorld 
54 MACDONALD, Eleanora Jane  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86895 FamilyWorld 
55 MCCURDY, L. Isabelle  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95727 FamilyWorld 
56 MCCURDY, William B.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95726 FamilyWorld 
57 MERRICK, Belinda Little  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I2462 FamilyWorld 
58 MORRISON, Benjamin C.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117065 FamilyWorld 
59 MORRISON, Katie C.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117113 FamilyWorld 
60 MORRISON, Leonard  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117064 FamilyWorld 
61 MORRISON, Leonard A.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117189 FamilyWorld 
62 MORRISON, Lillian E.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117111 FamilyWorld 
63 MORRISON, Lottie Sophia  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117114 FamilyWorld 
64 MORRISON, Mary F.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117074 FamilyWorld 
65 NUTTER, Lewis  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I42159 FamilyWorld 
66 PARKER, Harriet Matilda 'Hattie'  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I101279 FamilyWorld 
67 PEABODY, Caroline  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95800 FamilyWorld 
68 PEABODY, Eliza  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95801 FamilyWorld 
69 PEARL  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I78694 FamilyWorld 
70 REED, Henrietta M.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95809 FamilyWorld 
71 RICHARDSON, Henry  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95807 FamilyWorld 
72 RICKER, Charles E.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I87842 FamilyWorld 
73 RYAN, Joseph W.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117122 FamilyWorld 
74 SARGENT, Alexis Davis  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97298 FamilyWorld 
75 SARGENT, Jessie A.  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97302 FamilyWorld 
76 SARGENT, Joseph Leonard  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97303 FamilyWorld 
77 SETTERS, Mary Caroline  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86887 FamilyWorld 
78 STANNARD, Minnie Emily  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I101280 FamilyWorld 
79 SULLIVAN, Anna  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I98063 FamilyWorld 
80 SWEATT, Helen Frances  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I117718 FamilyWorld 
81 TOUPIN, Viola Emma  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86917 FamilyWorld 
82 TUTTLE, Mary  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I18883 FamilyWorld 
83 VANCE, Frederick L. 'Fred'  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I91610 FamilyWorld 
84 WELCH, Dan 'Daniel'  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95643 FamilyWorld 
85 WELCH, Sophronia  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95645 FamilyWorld 
86 WIER, Charles John  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95935 FamilyWorld 
87 WIER, Mary Fanny  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95934 FamilyWorld 
88 WIER, Newton John  Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I95933 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID   Tree 
1 BINGHAM COGSWELL, Mae Beatrice  Bef 1920Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I86897 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID   Tree 
1 SARGENT, Joseph Leonard  12 Sep 1918Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I97303 FamilyWorld 
2 TUTTLE, Mary  1880Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I18883 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLAKE, Charles Greenleaf  20 Jun 1864Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I105121 FamilyWorld 
2 RICHARDSON, Daniel P.  17 Jan 1838Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I124033 FamilyWorld 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 JALBERT, Isaie  11 Oct 1887Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I22524 FamilyWorld 
2 JALBERT, Louis Joseph  11 Oct 1887Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts I22521 FamilyWorld 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   7 Sep 1844Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F43917 FamilyWorld 
2 /   3 Jul 1875Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F41180 FamilyWorld 
3 Adams / Pearl  12 Mar 1866Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F26106 FamilyWorld 
4 Adrian / Crown  5 Oct 1837Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F21510 FamilyWorld 
5 Austin / Ingalls  19 Sep 1852Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F32319 FamilyWorld 
6 Badger / Cate  8 Aug 1855Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F38384 FamilyWorld 
7 BAILEY / Baillie  10 Dec 1881Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F33127 FamilyWorld 
8 BAILEY / Boutwell  12 Oct 1892Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F33142 FamilyWorld 
9 BAILEY / Furbish  7 Dec 1855Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F29444 FamilyWorld 
10 BAILEY / Hall  15 Jun 1898Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F33117 FamilyWorld 
11 BAILEY / Lovejoy  4 Aug 1873Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F33126 FamilyWorld 
12 BAILEY / Philbrick  29 Jul 1872Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F29441 FamilyWorld 
13 BAILEY / Pray  6 Aug 1873Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F33115 FamilyWorld 
14 Barclay / Baxter  30 Apr 1901Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35417 FamilyWorld 
15 Barclay / Fall  9 Feb 1871Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35407 FamilyWorld 
16 Barclay / Ingham  14 Dec 1871Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35413 FamilyWorld 
17 Barclay / Pairman  27 Mar 1873Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35408 FamilyWorld 
18 Barclay / Usher  23 Oct 1907Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35420 FamilyWorld 
19 Barclay / Whitney  3 Jul 1875Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35428 FamilyWorld 
20 Barclay / Whitney  14 Nov 1877Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35412 FamilyWorld 
21 Bartlett / KIMBALL  21 May 1846Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F27723 FamilyWorld 
22 Batchelder / Pugh  1940Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F44002 FamilyWorld 
23 Bean / Logan  12 Sep 1900Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F40409 FamilyWorld 
24 Bean / Whittier  23 May 1908Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F40408 FamilyWorld 
25 BELL / DUFF  30 Dec 1906Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F6445 FamilyWorld 
26 Bennett / Parham  17 Jan 1882Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F22077 FamilyWorld 
27 Berkeley / Stinson  20 Mar 1852Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35380 FamilyWorld 
28 Berkeley 'Barclay' / Rundlett  17 Sep 1843Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35384 FamilyWorld 
29 Berkeley 'Berkley' 'Barclay' / Nelson  3 Dec 1851Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35378 FamilyWorld 
30 Berry / Ryan  14 Oct 1908Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F38801 FamilyWorld 
31 Bissell / SARGENT  31 Dec 1877Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F12378 FamilyWorld 
32 Boswell / Parrish  27 Nov 1847Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F42199 FamilyWorld 
33 Braley / Lord  7 May 1861Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F13729 FamilyWorld 
34 Brien / Chandler  18 Sep 1939Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F29169 FamilyWorld 
35 Brown / Brooks  1 Jun 1904Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F32925 FamilyWorld 
36 Brown / Corliss  25 Mar 1890Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F20510 FamilyWorld 
37 Brown / Harrington  20 Sep 1900Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F33904 FamilyWorld 
38 Bryer / TOWLE  7 Sep 1844Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F43348 FamilyWorld 
39 Burke / Manuel  16 Feb 1867Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F37282 FamilyWorld 
40 Cadwell / Vickery  23 Jan 1860Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F19310 FamilyWorld 
41 Cady / Barney  24 Mar 1880Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F13656 FamilyWorld 
42 Cady / Chase  5 Apr 1880Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F31943 FamilyWorld 
43 Cady / Nutter  10 Dec 1910Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F13645 FamilyWorld 
44 CAMPBELL / JALBERT  10 Feb 1919Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F8768 FamilyWorld 
45 Chandler / Grenier  15 May 1943Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F29168 FamilyWorld 
46 Chandler / Hooper   19 Apr 1905Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F29159 FamilyWorld 
47 Chandler / MacDonald  6 May 1903Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F29160 FamilyWorld 
48 Chandler / Toupin  25 Aug 1828Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F29166 FamilyWorld 
49 Chase / Bailey  15 Sep 1875Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F38912 FamilyWorld 
50 Chase / Cate  24 Dec 1859Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F38385 FamilyWorld 
51 Chase / Sweatt  20 Jun 1883Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F38910 FamilyWorld 
52 Chase / Wood  17 Jun 1891Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F38911 FamilyWorld 
53 CHESLEY / CORLISS  1 May 1868Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F335 FamilyWorld 
54 Churchill / BAILEY  10 Nov 1875Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F33122 FamilyWorld 
55 Cilley / Cover  7 Sep 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36316 FamilyWorld 
56 Cilley / Hewes  31 Aug 1872Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36312 FamilyWorld 
57 Cilley / Moulton  12 May 1886Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36335 FamilyWorld 
58 Cilley / O'Neil  26 Nov 1901Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36314 FamilyWorld 
59 Clark / Danforth  Aft 7 Apr 1833Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36854 FamilyWorld 
60 Clement / Barrows Preston  17 Jan 1905Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F22199 FamilyWorld 
61 Clement / Clifford  11 Jul 1888Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F22201 FamilyWorld 
62 Clement / Sargent  20 Dec 1911Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F22206 FamilyWorld 
63 Clough / Prime  16 Aug 1904Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F32220 FamilyWorld 
64 Clough / Sleeper  11 Oct 1894Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F32219 FamilyWorld 
65 Cochrane / Gordon  17 Jun 1862Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F28476 FamilyWorld 
66 Cogswell / Chandler  15 Sep 1897Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F29157 FamilyWorld 
67 Colburn / Wilson  14 Sep 1869Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F22086 FamilyWorld 
68 Colby / Clement  28 Jun 1911Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F22205 FamilyWorld 
69 CORLISS / BEAN  1 Jul 1856Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F1992 FamilyWorld 
70 CORLISS / LEONARD  3 Jul 1871Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F5622 FamilyWorld 
71 CORLISS / MARSTON  26 Nov 1842Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F256 FamilyWorld 
72 CORLISS / WENTWORTH  31 Mar 1861Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F1993 FamilyWorld 
73 Corser 'Courser' / Moreir Perrigo  15 Jun 1911Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F18309 FamilyWorld 
74 Costello / Ostrander  18 Mar 1861Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F22310 FamilyWorld 
75 Crane / Richardson  24 Jan 1844Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F41171 FamilyWorld 
76 Crown / Austin  3 Sep 1838Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F13168 FamilyWorld 
77 Cummings / Harriman  9 Jul 1857Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F28067 FamilyWorld 
78 Danforth / Bickford  1 Jul 1827Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36841 FamilyWorld 
79 Danforth / Brown  29 Jul 1833Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36845 FamilyWorld 
80 Danforth / Fowler  14 Sep 1838Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36842 FamilyWorld 
81 Danforth / Hoyt  3 Oct 1841Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36861 FamilyWorld 
82 Dennis / Fournier  31 Dec 1888Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F43117 FamilyWorld 
83 DESROCHERS / DUFF  18 Feb 1903Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F6448 FamilyWorld 
84 Dewey / Skeffington  10 Jul 1901Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F30436 FamilyWorld 
85 Douglass / BAILEY  16 Sep 1869Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F33116 FamilyWorld 
86 Downing / Libby  29 Oct 1837Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F36779 FamilyWorld 
87 DUFF / CHATELLE  21 Apr 1878Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F1965 FamilyWorld 
88 DUFF / JALBERT  26 Mar 1883Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F1919 FamilyWorld 
89 DUFF / RODRIGUE  25 Dec 1916Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F6232 FamilyWorld 
90 Dupee / SARGENT  8 Dec 1851Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F14406 FamilyWorld 
91 Dupee / Shepard  17 May 1893Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F22223 FamilyWorld 
92 Durant / MERRICK  28 Mar 1854Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F27828 FamilyWorld 
93 Earl / CORLISS  23 Jun 1857Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F19969 FamilyWorld 
94 Earl / Thayer  12 Oct 1904Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F19973 FamilyWorld 
95 Emerson / Luce Louger  5 Nov 1895Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F21293 FamilyWorld 
96 Emerson / Lynde  21 Nov 1894Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F21306 FamilyWorld 
97 Estabrook / Wilson  29 Mar 1910Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F32380 FamilyWorld 
98 Felch / Barclay  11 Nov 1871Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35422 FamilyWorld 
99 Felch / Johnson  20 Oct 1909Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F35424 FamilyWorld 
100 Flemings / Adams  10 Jun 1907Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts F26112 FamilyWorld 

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